America, Britain and Australia Facilitated Chinese Massacre 1965

International People’s Tribunal (IPT) at The Hague has ruled in July 2016 that Australia, the United States and the UK were complicit in facilitating the massacre by using propaganda to manipulate international opinion in favour of the Indonesian army in 1965. The ruling is non-binding and carries no punitive consequences. Reportedly, some 400,00 to 500,000 ethnic Chinese and “Leftists” were […]

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Road to Home for Unpaid Peasant Workers

Peasant Workers Have no Money to Go Home Hundreds of Chinese peasant labours working at a building construction site in Dingyuan County of Anhui Province, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s hometown, blocked a main road linking to several cities on Sunday, Januarlly 31, 2015, over unpaid wages, causing serious traffic congestion in part of Anhui, reports. In the past decade or so, each year before the […]

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Effects of Air Pollution in China

In recent years, the effects of air pollution in China become appalling, especially in the areas around the Chinese capital. Former Chinese TV presenter Chai Jing released a “self-funded” smog documentary “Under the Dome”, exploring the cause and effects of air pollution in China, which has attracted a large number of viewers. However, public opinions in China over her documentary are […]

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