Unit 731, Japan’s Bio Warfare Army (1)

Early last century, Harbin in Heilongjiang Province in China’s northeast was home to the most advanced biological warfare labs run by the Japanese army known as Unit 731, where a large number of native Chinese, as well as the captured resistance fighters from all over China and from Russia and Europea, became the raw materials of Japanese medical experiments. Here […]

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A Man of Justice

A man reported to police, “Some terrorists threaten to throw me out of the house.” “That’s terrible,” said the cop. “Why do they want to throw you out of the house, sir?” “They say that’s their house and do not want me to stay there.” “Fair enough. How did you get there in the first place?” inquired the cop. “I […]

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Democracy and Dictatorship

Democracy or Dictatorship? The Corporate United States The essence  The Corporate United States The form COMMENTS FROM GOOGLE PLUS Jan 18, 2017 Mani Elliott What’s wrong with democracy? All Things Chinese Democracy without centralization, for a group, it could mean inefficiency; for a country, it might lead to anarchy. But this is still not the worst scenario. What’s truly nasty […]

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