Chinese Organizations Funded by NED

It is reported by Chinese media Liaowang Weekly that Hong Kong protesters are getting paid $700 per day just to show up. Violent actions and recruiting others get big money — up to $7000. NED openly admits on its website that it funds anti-China groups in Hong Kong   (Source: @CaliCali200) The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a U.S. non-profit soft power organization with […]

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China’s Lunchtime Nap Culture

Taking a short nap after lunch is a distinctive Chinese way of living, which is believed to generate positive health benefits. Chinese kids are trained to take a nap at school. After initial resistance, they eventually have developed a life-long noon nap habit. Chinese during lunch break. A typical Chinese classroom during lunch break. COMMENTS FROM MINDS.COM Eric People in […]

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A Warmonger Monkey

This is not a fairytale but a real incident occurred in a zoo in Guangdong Province. A tiger and a monkey were neighbours with their territories separated by steel bars along the border. One day when the tiger quietly took a nap, the restless and insecure monkey somehow became more vicious, more aggressive, more inclined to take risks to come […]

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