Effects of Air Pollution in China

In recent years, the effects of air pollution in China become appalling, especially in the areas around the Chinese capital. Former Chinese TV presenter Chai Jing released a “self-funded” smog documentary “Under the Dome”, exploring the cause and effects of air pollution in China,¬†which has attracted a large number of viewers. However, public opinions in China over her documentary are […]

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A Monkey’s Dirty Business

A male macaque has been indulging in the monkey’s dirty business in China for six years, local media reported. According to Wuhan residents, the creature is wandering around the centre of the capital city of Hubei province harassing young ladies, and its¬†favourite pastime is to jump out of a shadowy corner unexpectedly and hold a girl’s leg when she passes […]

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A Monkey and a Man

It is said that humans are largely controlled by emotions while animals are generally ruled by instinct. Then is it possible for a monkey and a man to form a deep-felt friendship based on mutual appreciation, trust and respect? A Chance Meeting One day in March five years ago, in 2009, Chinese villager Xiao, a native of Mayang River Nature […]

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