Selected Classic Chinese Quotations

A quotation from Mencius Laws without compassion cannot build a good society; compassion without laws cannot make a good government. In other words, laws without compassion will not unite people; compassion without laws can lead to injustice. A Quotation from The Book of Rites The Book of Rites (礼记), compiled since the Warring States era 2,500 years ago, is a collection […]

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People Who Communicate with Hidden Forces

In the mountainous west Hunan Province in China’s southern inland region, there are many remote villages where the mysterious practice to communicate with hidden forces is still very much part of the daily reality. A family in the village. COMMENTS FROM MINDS.COM Eric Hmmmmm…. that is fascinating. Are they forces of evil? 😨😭 All Things Chinese Pure “evil” forces are rare […]

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