A Donkey Lost Its Plot

There was no donkey in this mountain until a boat shipped one from afar across the waterway to the region. A tiger from the mountain spotted the donkey and tried to communicate with the guest, but the donkey only traded with a loud and aggressive shriek. The tiger was shocked and dodged aside. After a while, the tiger tentatively returned […]

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Three I Chings

I Ching (Yi Jing 易经) is the very foundation of Daoism and Chinese culture. But I Ching that we normally refer to is just one-third of all I Ching that was created by the ancient Chinese. This one-third of I Ching we know today is actually called “Zhou Yi (Change in Heaven 周易)”, meaning: “the I Ching compiled during the […]

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Five Epidemic Demons

In Chinese mythology, epidemics are caused by Five Epidemic Demons with five pairs of evil eyes, all having a human body but the head of a man, a tiger, a horse, a bird or a rooster. According to the Encyclopedia on The Origin of the Mysterious Figures from Confucius, Buddhism and Daoist (三教源流搜神大全), a work compiled during the Ming Dynasty, […]

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