Beijing Opera: Scattering Celestial Flowers on Earth

Lyric: 悟妙道好一似春梦乍醒 Suddenly I realised my true self as if waking up from a spring dream 猛然醒又入梦长夜冥冥 Yet soon I became confused again, as though re-entering the dreamland 未修真便言悟终成梦境 Boasting enlightenment while merely knowing what will be the true reality is still an existence in a fantasy 到无梦梦无醒方见性灵 Only when I have no dream to wake up from, I will […]

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Kunqu Opera: The Peony Pavilion

The Peony Pavilion (牡丹亭), Hall Of Longevity (长生殿), Thousands Of Martyrs (千忠戮) and The Fan Of Peach Flowers (桃花扇) are the four most celebrated ancient Chinese operas. Among the four, The Peony Pavilion, also named The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion, written in 1598 by Tang Xianzu (汤显祖), one of the two greatest Chinese dramatists, along with Guan Hanqing […]

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Selected Classic Chinese Poems

March to Frontier (从军行) Author: Wang Changling (王昌龄 698 – 757), a Tang Dynasty poet, statesman and army officer.   Snow mountains darkened by long clouds from Blue Sea, A lonely city in distance is Great Wall’s Jade Gate Pass. My golden armour worn out during combat in desertland, Yet I will not return home until Loulan is reclaimed. 青海长云暗雪山, 孤城遥望玉门关。 ​黄沙百战穿金甲, 不破楼兰终不还。 […]

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Water Margin Illustration by Ming Artist

Water Margin (水浒传), also known as Outlaws of the Marsh and All Men Are Brothers in English translation, is one of the greatest classic Chinese novels published during Ming Dynasty. The story was set in North Song dynasty in the 12th century, depicting a group of 108 outlaws who gathered on a mountain area against some corrupted officials and unjust […]

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Game of Hunting

Game of Hunting (猎场), China’s latest TV series, is like a cyclopedia of contemporary Chinese business culture. The story is about China’s recently emerged executive recruitment business, written and directed by legendary Jiang Wei (姜伟), starring China’s top-ranking actor Hu Ge (胡歌) and supported by some China’s best actors and actresses. The story tells a young university graduate’s endeavour of trying […]

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A Drag Queen’s Romance

Drag queen's romance

As folklore goes, during Ming Dynasty, there was a talented and good-looking young scholar named Zhou Wenbin living in beautiful lake city Hangzhou, and Zhou Wenbin had a friend named Zhu Zhishan who was like a celebrity watcher and feared by many elite families. During a Lantern Festival in the lunar January 15, Zhishan visited Wenbin and the two brought wine to appreciate […]

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