Nirvana in Fire (1): A Popular Genius

For its faithful depiction of a traditional China in both spiritual and physical aspects, highly acclaimed Chinese TV drama Nirvana in Fire is in fact the best visual introduction to all things Chinese, from customs, costumes, architecture, interior design, garden design, urban design, furniture design to state politics. 31-year old Mei Changsu kept waking up from a recurring nightmare in […]

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Money God in Chinese New Year’s Painting

Chinese New Year’s Paintings are typically used to decorate the internal walls at the beginning of each new lunar year. The themes of New Year’s Painting are often closely associated with Chinese people’s common aspirations and unique language. For instance, a bat (蝠) represents fortune (福), a fan (扇) indicates kindness (善), a spear (戟) is a symbol for luck (吉) […]

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Top 10 Chinese Musical Instruments

In December 1987, a unique solo flute concert was taken place at a news conference hosted by the Culture Department of Henan Province. There was only one performer: the director of Music Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Arts; and there was only one piece of music performed: Little Cabbage. But this mini-concert has changed the written history of Chinese music, […]

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