Water Margin Illustration by Ming Artist

Water Margin (水浒传), also known as Outlaws of the Marsh and All Men Are Brothers in English translation, is one of the greatest classic Chinese novels published during the Ming Dynasty. The story was set in North Song dynasty in the 12th century, depicting 108 outlaws who gathered on a mountain area against some corrupted officials and unjust laws. Rongyu […]

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A Tiger’s Decree

Yuan Shuipai (袁水拍, 1919 – 1983) was one of China’s great contemporary poets with his best works being 400 satirical poems. The following is his famous Tiger’s Decree, depicting a self-appointed dictator in a jungle world, composed about half a century ago: I, the tiger, Declare to the world: My peace policy Is consistent. Protect the forest Is my holy […]

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Game of Hunting

Game of Hunting (猎场), China’s latest TV series, is like a cyclopedia of contemporary Chinese business culture. The story is about China’s recently emerged executive recruitment business, written and directed by legendary Jiang Wei (姜伟), starring China’s top-ranking actor Hu Ge (胡歌) and supported by some of China’s best actors and actresses. The story tells a young university graduate’s endeavour […]

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A Drag Queen’s Romance

Drag queen's romance

As folklore goes, during Ming Dynasty, there was a talented and good-looking young scholar named Zhou Wenbin living in beautiful lake city Hangzhou, and Zhou Wenbin had a friend named Zhu Zhishan who was like a celebrity watcher and feared by many elite families. During a Lantern Festival in the lunar January 15, Zhishan visited Wenbin and the two brought wine to appreciate […]

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Nirvana in Fire (11): the Theme Song

When the Wind Begins to Blow Lyrics: Haiyan (the author of the drama); Music: Meng Ke; Singer: Hu Ge (the actor playing the leading character Mei Changsu) 变幻 风云几卷 A sudden change of life, storms full of volume 乱世起惊澜 A troubled time, a terrifying wave 血仍殷 何人心念 Blood is still hot, memories are not lost 烈火清平愿 Justice for Red Flame, […]

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