Fan Zhongyan – A Great Chinese Statesman and Poet

Fan Zhongyan (范仲淹, 989-1052), a Suzhou native, was a great statesman, philosopher, writer, educator, military strategist of the Song Dynasty. His most memorable statements include: Be the first to bear the burden for the world and the last to enjoy the fruit of collective achievement. I’d rather speak up for the truth and die than keep silent and live. He did not […]

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Mysterious Prehistoric Signs on Rocks in a Mountain in Henan

More than 3,000 mysterious signs discovered in Mt Juci (具茨山), of Henan Province, China, are believed to be carved in the rocks by ancient Chinese more than 5,000 years ago, according to researchers from Geophysics and Planetary Science Institute of China’s Science Academy. But so far no one can decode their meaning. Some experts suggest they might be the earlier […]

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Traditional Chinese Scholar Culture

The Founder of China’s Scholarly Culture Confucius lived in the era when Lao Tzu described how the universe works and Shakyamuni explained how to manager your universe. As China’s most respected teacher, in a pre-internet age 2,500 years ago, Confucius gained over 3,000 followers China wide. Ancient Chinese State-Run University This life-scale replica of the scene resembles a typical lecture […]

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