China’s Confucius Merchants

In the Chinese business world, there is a word that used to be very popular and now starts to regain public attention. That is the word “rushing (儒商)”, meaning Confucius Merchants. Why It Is Confucius Merchant Not Confucius Entrepreneur? Some Chinese scholars prefer to translate “rushang” into English as “Confucius Entrepreneur”. This term may have a better echo to the contemporary […]

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Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year traditions and customs vary in different parts of China. Here just introduce some common practices adopted by majority groups of Chinese people. Lunar December 8: Traditionally this is the day when Chinese New Year festival begins to warm up. People cook nuts-rich rice congee (labazhou 腊八粥, la 腊 for lunar December, ba 八 is number 8, zhou 粥 means congee) and serve when it’s hot on […]

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8 Bizarre Chinese to English Translation

Over the years, there are heaps of jokes spreading online regarding some weird Chinese to English translation found in China. Many of them are the result of a literal interpretation, character by character. Recently, Mella Robinson and Mellissa Stanger from listed “18 Chinese expressions with bizarre literal translations”. They believe those peculiar expressions are derived from the fact that the Chinese “characters that make up each […]

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