Eight Daoist Immortals

Eight Daoist immortals – ink painting by a contemporary Chinese artist Historically, the Eight Immortals could refer to 8 different sets of Daoists. It was until the Ming Dynasty, the general consensus has been reached based on Wu Yuantai’s “Journey to the East, the Source of the Eight Immortals Legend (八仙出处东游记)”. Since then, the following eight historical figures are commonly […]

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An Ancient Chinese Tale of Relativity in Time

A firewood collector watching two immortals paying chess in Mt. Lanke in Zhejiang Province – a coloured ink painting by Ming Dynasty scholar, politician and artist Zhang Yining (张以宁 1301-1370) The legend of Mt. Lanke During Jin Dynasty in the 4th century, a guy went to Mt. Lanke collecting firewoods and saw two men playing chess Weiqi (Go) on a stone. Like […]

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