100,000-Year-Old Xuchang Men

On 17 December 2007 at Lingjin (灵井) of Xuchang (许昌) in central China’s Henan Provence (河南), Chinese archaeologists unearthed sixteen pieces of fossil bones that can be assembled into an almost complete human skull belonging to a man (or a Homo sapiens as so defined by the “modern” archeologists), who lived during the Paleolithic period about 80,000 to 100,000 years […]

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Shimao, a 4,300-year-old Chinese City Built with Stones

One of the big differences between ancient Chinese cities and buildings and the architecture from most other ancient civilizations is the materials they employed. Chinese mainly used timbers and bricks, which makes the physical footprints of ancient Chinese civilization easier to fate in time comparing to the ones formed with stones. However, a finding in the autumn of 1976 shows […]

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A Scholar’s Recount Of The Tiananmen Incident 1989

The following is an eye-twinness account penned in 2009 by 彩云舒, a Beijing scholar. English translation by Fish, photos and captions also added by Fish.  In 1989, I briefly returned to Beijing for a research project that was jointly carried out by China’s Science Academy and an overseas company and had an opportunity to observe the whole process of the […]

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