A Taoist Temple in the Middle of a River

The 9th Fairy’s Platform (九仙女台), a Daoist temple, was initially built during the Tang Dynasty in the middle of a river in Shanxi Province.

As legend has it, a female immortal from a celestial world once visited this place in the appearance of a homeless girl and lived on a rock in the river.

By then there were two dragons fighting over the dominance in the region, and the homeless girl used her higher power to help the local people subdue the warmongers and bring the peace to the land.

As her true identity was exposed, she had to leave the human domain and the rock that she once dearly called home.

Many years later, when Tang Daoist titled High Cloud True Man (云霄真人) travelled along the river, his “true eye” with high definition and aerial view perspective discerned what once had happened there and decided to build a temple to commemorate the fairy’s heroic contribution to the human world.

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