Power of Media

Do you want to know how to present partial facts?

Chinese artist Huang Yao can use his pen to hide part of the pole that he doesn’t want people to see.

Do you want to know how to distort the fact?

Huang Yao can also use his pen to create a fake reality.

What You Get Is Not What You See

Do you think the crabs are released into the stream by this guy?

Do you think you have a chance to get a free crab lunch?

Wake up to the reality: Your free crab lunch will never materialize as your delicacies are just illusions manipulated into existence on a piece of the blank wall by this Chinese mural artist.

Seeing Is Not Believing

This guy is not really a “little Buddha”, because he is not really sitting on a lotus, because there is no lotus but concrete pavement on a square. Blessing is more a state of mind.

There are no obstacles to hinge the advancement of the vehicle. The barriers are all in your head.

You cannot be trapped here unless you want to be trapped … by your own imagination.

These are not genetically modified crops grown in artificial soil, but visually modified crops grown in illusive soil.

If you think the ball on the left side is real and the one on the right is a delusion, you are misleading yourself, because both are formed with the same material: chalk powder, thus they are equally actual and correspondingly illusory.

She is wasting her time by investigating her false impression.

The master of visual manipulation is not a professional artist. His only instruments to create virtual existence are chalks, and his initial goal is simple and humble – to entertain his little son.

Never underestimate the power of perception. An upward journey starts with, not your step, but your concept.

Of course, by essence our entire existence is based on nothing else but our previous and current perceptions, but, well, that’s another story…

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