Australia Post released a stamp for the Chinese Year of Dragon and coloured tetradecagon prestige postal numismatic cover.

Start a 20-Year Transition to a New Era

The Dragon Year starts from Feb 10, 2024. It is also the beginning of the 20-year Purple Fire phrase (紫火运) in the current 180-year Great Triple Cycle (大三元), redirecting world focus to culture, intelligence, spiritual, as well as wars.

Time Is Up

A Girard-Perregaux watch with the Freemasonry logo at the centre, produced in 1955, still keeps running and ticks robustly.

Chinese New Year Is Not Lunar New Year

This green dragon year (甲辰年) marks Chinese year 4722.

Chinese New Year is NOT a lunar new year. It is based on a lunar-solar combined calendar formulated 4722 years ago. In recent centuries, Chinese New Year traditions have been observed by many east and south Asian countries, among which, North Korea is one of the earliest. They celebrated Chinese New Year since China’s Ming Dynasty.

Other countries that officially celebrate Chinese New Year include Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea and Suriname in South America.

A Chinese New Year TV Gala

A wonderful Chinese New Year Festival Gala 2024 presented by Henan TV Station.

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