Borrow the Arrows (草船借箭)

During a time in history, A once strong empire led by Cao Cao was politically & economically crumbling and about to be torn apart from within, so it decided to wage a war against the Wu kingdom in its east to grab assets abroad and boost morale at home.

The empire’s military force quickly advanced eastward to Wu Kingdom’s doorsteps.

Then one morning, amid a heavy fog that fell upon the waterway, boats from Wu emerged in front of Cao Cao’s ships.

Cao Cao hurriedly ordered his men to fire. A massive amount of 3.3 billion arrows were shot at the enemies.

The boats swiftly sailed away. Yet Cao Cao couldn’t resist but sent a further 1 billion arrows at the fleeing targets.

“Thanks, Cao Cao, for your generous provision of arsenals!” from the thick clouds, came a spell of laughter and the words of appreciation. “We will soon return as many as these arrows to your soldiers in the battles and sell the rest on the market for profit.”

With the help of the extra weapons and the mysterious assistance from the East Wind, Wu defeated Cao Cao. MORE

Why Shanghai Performed Worst Among Chinese Cities When Facing Covid-19 Pandemic?

Shanghai’s Covid lockdown is full of holes.

Hard to quell the human spirit.

All Things Chinese:

Certainly not. Shanghai governments and medical advisers have failed their job by going from one extreme (allowing money and the market to take over the situation) to another extreme (closing all shops) that is causing massive economic loss and human suffering.

Many people say it’s because Shanghai government officials and chief medical advisers are incapable of doing their jobs. But I think some of those (particularly that wretched online celebrity doctor Zhang Wenhong and the people behind him) must have more sinister agendas involved.

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