Daily Lives of the Chinese People in the 11th Century

Daily lives in China nearly a thousand years ago, with boats in the river, the houses by the water, the trading activities along the streets and the night markets at every corner … FULL

People in China

A Road In Cliff Face

In China’s Henan Province, there is a small village located on the top of a cliff 1,700m from sea level, and the only linkage to […]

China Affairs and Beyond

Chinese Art

A Women’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of Women (女儿国) is a chapter in the classic Chinese fantasy novel Flowers in the Mirror (镜花缘) by Li Ruzhen (李汝珍). The novel […]

Chinese Culture

Laughing Buddha

About a thousand years ago, there was an itinerant Buddhist monk named Qici (契此) wandering around in the area on China’s east coast. He forever carried a cotton bag over his shoulder containing inexhaustible supplies of candies and toys for kids.