China – Past, Present and Future

It actually doesn’t need 100 years but just a decade or so for history to witness how China will help humanity to get out of the jungle and enter a more civilised world. FULL

Chinese Art

A Women’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of Women (女儿国) is a chapter in the classic Chinese fantasy novel Flowers in the Mirror (镜花缘) by Li Ruzhen (李汝珍). The novel […]

China Affairs and Beyond

Chinese Culture

Laughing Buddha

About a thousand years ago, there was an itinerant Buddhist monk named Qici (契此) wandering around in the area on China’s east coast. He forever carried a cotton bag over his shoulder containing inexhaustible supplies of candies and toys for kids.

Chinese Architecture

Sunken Courtyard Dwellings

Sunken courtyard dwellings are commonly seen along the Yellow River in Shaanxi, Shanxi and Henan provinces in northern China where the soil is super compact, almost like concrete. Though built with yellow earth, they are green buildings.