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Defeat of Japanese Army in China’s Northeast

Soviet Union’s Red Army played a decisive role in liberating China’s northeast region from the rule of the Fascist Japanese and their collaborators, the Manchu elites. It only took the Red Army seven days in August 1945 to wipe out 700,000 of Japan’s Kwantung Army.

Chinese Architecture

Beijing Forbidden City in 600 Years

Beijing Forbidden City, built 600 years ago, is the largest royal palace in today’s world. But it pales in comparison with Nanjing Forbidden City built 30 years earlier in the late 14th century.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Business

Ancient Chinese Currency

Chinese is one of the first people using currency instead of real goods to conduct trade activities. China’s Bronze Age Coins The earliest currencies used […]

Chinese Art

Land of China

Chinese Legends

A Tale of Nezha

About 3,000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty (商朝), there was a military commander named Li Jin (李靖). Li Jing had a son called Nezha […]

Chinese Technology

The Invisible Great Wall Of China

Legend had it that a county named Eternal Clarity (永清县) located halfway between Beijing and Tianjin was once a bloody battlefield a thousand years ago. […]