The Code of the Universe on an Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirror

The front of the bronze Han mirror. In ancient China, mirrors, that are normally made of bronze, were often viewed as more than just instruments for reflection; they were also artworks, and sometimes sacred objects with supernatural disposition, and for that, they often used as sacrifice articles to detect other worlds. The earliest mirrors in China were said to be […]

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Chinese City and Village in Eight Trigrams Formation

An Ancient Chinese Village Built in Eight Trigrams Military Formation This is Village of Eight Trigrams located in Lanxi, Zhejiang Province in China’s east coastal region. In the centre, there is a Taichi-shaped pond surrounded by village houses arranged in eight groups as an Inner Eight Trigrams. Around the village in a short distance, eight hills form an Outer Eight […]

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A Nine Storey Pagoda in a Taoist Temple

Shibaozhi Pagoda (石宝寨塔), the centrepiece architecture in Daoist Temple Precious Stone Fortress (石宝寨) built against a 200m high rocky hill facing the Yangtze River in Chongqing, is one of the largest wooden pagodas in China. Legend has it that the rocky hill was a stone among those collected by Goddess Nuva to repair the sky damaged by rebell Gonggong. After […]

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