A Donkey Lost Its Plot

There was no donkey in this mountain until a boat shipped one from afar across the waterway to the region. A tiger from the mountain spotted the donkey and tried to communicate with the guest, but the donkey only traded with a loud and aggressive shriek. The tiger was shocked and dodged aside. After a while, the tiger tentatively returned […]

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Japan’s Biological Warfare in China

Ishii Shirō handed over 8,000 bioweapon samples, and in return, he never went to trial but worked at Fort Detrick, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases that develops bio-weapons, where a special lab had been allocated for him.

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A Man of Justice

A man reported to police, “Some terrorists threaten to throw me out of the house.” “That’s terrible,” said the cop. “Why do they want to throw you out of the house, sir?” “They say that’s their house and do not want me to stay there.” “Fair enough. How did you get there in the first place?” inquired the cop. “I […]

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