The monkey harassing a girlA male macaque has been indulging in the monkey’s dirty business in China for six years, local media reported.

According to Wuhan residents, the creature is wandering around the centre of the capital city of Hubei province harassing young ladies, and its favourite pastime is to jump out of a shadowy corner unexpectedly and hold a girl’s leg when she passes by. Such unethical behaviour drives its victims nuts.

No one knows from where the monkey originally came. For all these years, apart from persistently stalking young women, it spends most of the time squatting on overpasses monitoring the traffic below, or taking a long nap on a roadside tree, or teasing tourists who try to take nice selfies, or grabbing a pedestrian’s trousers asking for food, or rooting out some vegetables a granny grew because she once scolded it, or walking up to a group of primary school students and tapping a little girl’s forehead with its finger and making the girl crying in panic.
The monkey harassing a couple

From time to time, it is seen calmly crossing the busy road at a pedestrian crossing – wonder how it learned the traffic regulations.

Equally puzzling is, China’s city administrative body, which is super efficient at keeping vendors out of the main streets for the crime of causing unruly sight, seemingly has either no power or interest to interfere with a monkey’s dirty business in a Chinese CBD.

But it is also understood that many locals do grow fond of this monkey very much, even though it is a bit naughty.

Monkeys in Mt. Emei in Sichuan Province


The Monkeys are Pilgrims, how advanced. lol 😁😀😂😂

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The monkeys in Mt Emei are not well cultivated. They pinch people’s food, snatch people’s hats, hit people’s heads – they must follow a violent cult. 😫

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