Two I Ching Graphs

Here are two social situations demonstrated by I Ching.

1 Fortune

In the Fortune Graph (泰卦), we have Heaven humbly remaining below to help Earth raising up, which speaks of interconnection, interaction and integration between Heaven, Earth and all things in between, of a collective spirit and a united effort, of having Yang force filled inside with yin essence lingering around, of being strong within but gentle in its approach towards the surrounding culture, social and physical environments, and of getting good people in power with the wretched to be kept in a distance.

2 Misfortune

The opposite is the Misfortune Graph (否卦), with Heaven above Earth below.

In this case, Heaven and Earth go their separate ways, and all things are disengaged with their sources and from each other. There is no communication between the elite class and the grassroots, and the nation cannot hold itself as one piece.

It is a situation where Yang force is exposed to the public with Yin essence filling its core, where one bullies around but is a coward by nature, where one presents oneself as a noble character while deep down being a truly wretched creature, where the wretched get their way while the nobles are suppressed.

Challenges Within

The biggest challenges China faces are those from within and the main internal challenge is how to break free from the old circle: Every time when the nation entered an era of peace and prosperity, the special interest groups would begin to strengthen their grip on power in order to maximize their benefits and achieve a monopoly control of the national wealth.

Thus the outcome of the China-US wrestling will depend on their internal strength. The one who is the first to break down from within will lose the ultimate battle.

Borrow the East Wind

Borrow The East Wind is a popular Beijing Opera drama. In this video, 13-year-old Chinese boy Liu Mengqianyi (刘孟千一) acts as I Ching master and military strategist Zhuge Liang.

The East Wind is an essential component in Wu & Shu kingdoms’ joint military operation to destroy the superpower Wei kingdom’s war machine.

The East Wind could be both tangible and intangible, either detectable or undetectable.

According to Song Dynasty I Ching master Shao Kangjie’s Book of Huangji Jingshi (皇极经世书), a book about the past and future of our universe, this world is to enter the last stage in the current Big Cosmic Circle in less than 2 years, which will be dictated by the agent for Fire, while Fire energizes the development of culture. By 2024 we shall be able to have a glimpse of a higher and better human civilization slowly and gradually emerging from the far horizon to approach this chaotic jungle world.

Fire certainly needs wind to deliver oxygen for burning, and the East Wind brings the freshest air.

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