This is a stone carving taken from the graveyard of the 2nd Tang Dynasty emperor Li Shimin ( 598-649) in Shaanxi Province.

The artifact was smashed into small pieces and smuggled to America in 1914. Now it is used as room decor in a restaurant at The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

These are a pair of Tang Dynasty tri-colour glazed porcelain horses, used as room decor in a Penn Museum restaurant.

This is a 12th-century woodcarving Buddha statue, now used as room decor in a Penn Museum restaurant.

This is a Ming Dynasty mural “Meeting Buddha of Brilliant Light”.

Buddha of Brilliant Light is said to possess the power to neutralise the negative influence of other stars and planets on the earth.

The mural was torn from the wall of Guangsheng Temple in Shanxi Province in the 1920s and brought to the United States, now as the wall decor in a Penn Museum restaurant, where the 500-year-old painting is totally exposed in the atmosphere of wine and hot steam from cooked food.

This is the restaurant in Penn Museum surrounded by priceless Chinese cultural relics.

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