Ancient Chinese Gold Artefacts

A Ming Dynasty Gold Hairpin

A golden cicada on a jade leaf – a Chinese lady’s hairpin unearthed from a Ming Dynasty tomb in Suzhou.


DEC 2019

What woman would want bugs in her hair?

That is pretty cool though, and I am guessing the cicada might be something of “good luck or fertility” in Chinese folklore?? Maybe.

All Things Chinese
Cicada has the same pronunciation to chan (origin of zen). Journey to the West describes monk Tang Sanzang, Monkey King’s master, as a reincarnated golden cicada.

A Song Dynasty Gold Bar

An ancient Chinese gold bar used during the South Song Dynasty (1127–1279)

A Han Dynasty Gold Seal Stamp

Chinese gold seal

This seal stamp made of gold was unearthed from the tomb of an East Han (25-220) prince. It weighs 122.8g and measures 2.3cm x 2.3cm, with a total height of 2.1cm.

The front of the golden seal stamp belonging to the East Han Dynasty prince.

A West Zhou Dynasty Gold scabbard

A sword scabbard made of gold, unearthed from a tomb dating back to the West Zhou era (1046 BC–771 BC)

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