The core members of the Japanese Unit 731 posed before a shack piled with human bodies disposed of after live autopsies.

Early last century, Harbin in Heilongjiang Province in China’s northeast was home to the most advanced biological warfare labs run by the Japanese army known as Unit 731, where a large number of native Chinese, as well as the captured resistance fighters from all over China and from Russia and Europea, became the raw materials of Japanese medical experiments.

Here are some photos that reveal how Japanese doctors and medical scientists carried out their research work in China and what significant progress in biowarfare they had made in 14 years from 1931 to 1945.

Captured Chinese resistance fighters were about to be sent to Unit 731. None of them walked out alive.

The building that housed Unit 731 labs.

The interior of bio warfare laboratory in the building

Some of the instruments used in the human experimentations, including metal flasks, tin cups, a stone water filter and an animal cage.

Japanese Unit 731 members were conducting outdoor body disinfection experiments on a Chinese man.

Japanese Unit 731 members were conducting cold exposure experiments on a group of Chinese men.

A saw used by Japanese doctors to cut bones during live autopsy

A hook used by Japanese doctors to place human organs during live autopsy

A Unit 731 member posed before a shack piled with human bodies disposed after live autopsy.

The access to incinerator where the bodies of Chinese, Russians and other European anti-Japanese fighters died in autopsy were burned.

A spectacular presentation of Unit 731’s work

Nazi Germany also conducted human experimentation on Jews in concentration camps, mainly in the early 1940s. After the war, those involved were prosecuted. But Japanese killing doctors who performed the live autopsies for over a decade were never tried, instead, they went on to work in America to advance the new empire’s biowarfare capacity.

However, no karmic debt can be left unpaid indefinitely, the longer the delay, the heavier the penalty.


Iacovos Florides
I hope Japan will recognize and apologize at the least for what they did.

All Things Chinese
People in today’s Japan actually are not the ones who committed the crimes. However, if the general public in today’s Japan keeps in denial of history and, worse, paying tribute to the war criminals, the nation has in fact taken ownership of the evil acts and will surely bear the karmic brunt.

Unit 731, Japan’s Bio Warfare Army (2)

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