Feng Zikai (1897-1975) was China’s first and one of the best comic artists, as well as a highly accomplished writer, calligrapher, translator and educator in music and painting.

His museum in his birthplace Stone Gate Town in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, is China’s only comic museum.

Here are some of his comic work.

A Sun Rises from the West

A green sun rises in the west,
I carry my daddy to buy candy.
On the way,
I see a horse riding on a man.
And two boats,
Sailing on residential roads.



Strange. Think he might have painted this after atop at an opium den.

Totaly, or he fell down the rabbit hole into wonderland.

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Or he saw the true reality through the fake social facade. The world is upside down.

A Dangerous Game

Somebody should give this kid a hard lesson to let him know where the boundaries are.


Ouch could be troublesome. ” whats that Lassie, Timmy’s fell in the well, Again, again!!

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A quote from the Chinese classical textbook Three Characters (三字经): Not to educate, fault of the father; Not to progress, failure of the teacher.

A kid Playing Adults’ Game

The kid: Hi, everyone, I’ve seen the world.


Kind of a mismatch. The staff and the bib overalls under the vest look like it should belong to a shepherd but everything else screams businessman.

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It’s the kind of guy who knows not and knows not that he knows not; who sees not and sees not that he sees not … 🧐

Adults Playing Children’s Games

A blind seeker …


They are not doing a good job of hiding.

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The guy is doing a worse job of seeking.

A Cowboy’s Adventure

He has no idea what he is heading to …

A Doctor for the World

Doctor: There is no life on the planet Earth because I’ve detected nothing on it.


I was hoping he was trying to help heal it.

No, No it’s dead, it’s not stunned its dead, look it is nailed to the perch. Lol

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Some guys love to play god and write prescriptions to fix the problems of the world🧐

Too true, we have many in Canada. The biggest is Truedumb PM

Calling Doctor Trump. He’ll make everything great again.

Honestly, I would trade Truedumb for Trump anytime. Trump, you know what you got, our guy he not only is two-faced imbecile he is like seven faces and the high priest of the moral majority and SJW’s.

But your country just re-elected him. How bad was the person running against him?

Well, we are indeed a nation of idiots, the way our country population is the ones who benefit the most also hold the majority of seats, basically, these are two provinces out of 13, which by themselves have the power to elect him. He also only won a minority govt, which means he has to play nice with another party to keep in power. He has shut out of 3 western provinces altogether and only got a few seats in my province BC. 4th west province. He also got a good boost in one of the Atlantic provinces which seem to like his sharing out of the resource-rich province in the west to those in the east. We now have a movement started called the Wexit Party trying to separate from Canada. It’s a ploy the French province of Quebec has used 3 times to get extra special treatment in the confederation, they hold the title of a distinct society in Canada. So he did get re-elected in a similar way to his Father did many times. If we are lucky he may choke on his diet of Politically Correct terms, but sadly I do not hold my breath. 😂😂

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Have you seen a video clip in which three gossip boys including your dear PM bad-mouthed soxfan’s great President?

Yep, it seems to be the talk of the internet. And Joe Biden, who is a wannabe President for the Democratic Party is going to use it in his campaign.

You know it reminds me of life in the schoolyard when I was 9 years old the way these ‘paragons of virtue’ behave. Then we wonder why the world is in crisis. Maybe we should let the children run it. At least they would call each other out ” HOW DARE YOU” could become their slogan.

OK, I am gonna go kill myself now, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. lol 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

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When we die, a large part of the spirit (the stained portion of the consciousness) will disintegrate, disperse and merge into the sea of the consciousness, along with most memories and habits, leaving with a core containing a set of long-established habits still tangled together and trying to find a new life form to express itself.

It is why when we were born and during the early years of our childhood (even when we were reborn as a human into the same family), we acted by instinct (the default responses based on long-established habits) like uncultured barbarians. That’s the true nature of the spirit. Only education has turned most of us into civilized members of human society bounded by a set of social codes and laws.

Have you observed the change of personalities in dementia patients? A tender-hearted husband would become very grumpy towards his wife, a generous woman could become highly suspicious of her family members, a loving mother may mistake her children as her parents … you name it.

Why? Because the later acquired habits and memories are usually the first to lose when their spirit slowly disintegrates. It’s like when the Windows operation system returns to the factory setting after a major crash, all the updates, downloads and personal files will be lost.

The same phenomenon can be observed in most politicians. When they deal with their electorates they would present themselves as the most civilised, sophisticated and conscientious figure in the community. But you can discover their true nature in no time by watching how they treat their political rivals.

And that is why the behaviours of most national leaders on the international stage are so much like naughty boys on the savage schoolyard.

It’s the situation in which a person returns to the core of his spirit during the initial life stage when he is no longer able (in the case of suffering dementia) or needs to (in the case of leading a nation) discipline himself and pretend to be someone he desired to be or is taught to be.

Finally, Eric, never loses hope to see a better civilised human society emerge in the not-too-distant future. Have you noticed the world has changed so fast in the second half of the year 2019? The progress has now picked up momentum. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to view this great drama once in thousands of years.

However, the hours before dawn are always the darkest. And it could also be the fact that not everyone will be able to see the day break – some could fall before the final moment. But as you know, physical death doesn’t really mean much and the spirit can return to welcome the sunrise.

But if you take a deliberate departure without a proper reason, you won’t be able to return to this particular theatre, at least won’t be able to catch the show on time. However, you might find yourself returning to the darkest hours before dawn repeatedly in your future lives since you haven’t been able to fix the corrupt program in your system.

Just bite your teeth and bear it, you shall see a big difference in, say, five years. Civilisation will progress and advance. Never, never lose your heart!

One more point, Eric, I know you know well the world we live in, regardless it is good or bad, is a mirror image of the most active segments in our mind. So each of us is responsible for the good or bad things happening in our world.

Thus real change should take place in our own minds since the ultimate way to change the world is by changing our thoughts.

Reap What You Sow

You’ll only reap what you sow, whether you are an individual or a nation.

A Sore Thumb Stands Out

The way for a jealous tall guy to ensure he will always be the tallest in the group.


Plautus Satire

Making everyone the same height.

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and without a brain (saving the trouble for brainwash by corporate media) ~_-

Plautus Satire 
The short one can keep his brain.

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The short ones may not be able to discover the dirty secrets hidden behind the corporate whitewash 😉

Watch a Puppet Show

The artists hide behind the yellow (or black) curtain and manipulate the puppets (made with cloth or wood) with bars or strings (or just their hands).

The artists also talk for the puppets performing on the little stage.

Within the Limit

Freedom within the limit – otherwise the game won’t be able to continue

Innocent Love

You can’t teach selfish folks to love. They will love in a selfish way for a selfish purpose – whether the object of their love is a person or a noble idea.


She looks like she wants to share. Is there something in the writing that denotes selfishness?

They will love in a selfish way. Wow, that is about every politician on planet earth. 😣

All Things Chinese
There is nothing that indicates selfishness in the painting, as their affection for each other is still quite innocent. They like each other because they like each other, not because it can bring emotional or financial security.

However, most human love is just a disguised lust for power, wealth and other earthly rewards. You can observe this phenomenon from the love expressed by those religious (or cult) missionaries (or gurus) and, yes, of course, the vast majority of politicians and media guys.

They preach the kingdom of God or the land of Mandala or the system of Democracy, and more often than not practice forced conversion through the threat of hell or economic sanctions or military airstrikes. Obviously, they do not love anybody but the spiritual, social and economic dominance.

I remember somebody once said: Preach is moral violence.

And I would like to add: Forced conversion is an immoral dictatorship.

A Farewell in the Sunset

A monk sees off a boat in the sound of a temple bell at the time of sunset.

How many people in the world watch the same moon tonight?

End of Tunnel

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A cozy Chinese garden in the backyard.

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