In Chinese mythology, epidemics are caused by Five Epidemic Demons with five pairs of evil eyes, all having a human body but the head of a man, a tiger, a horse, a bird or a rooster.

According to the Encyclopedia on The Origin of the Mysterious Figures from Confucius, Buddhism and Daoist (三教源流搜神大全), a work compiled during the Ming Dynasty, in lunar June, year 591, five figures emerged in the mid-air, holding a scoop & a container, a sword & a leather bag, a feather fan, a hammer and a hot pot respectively.

Emperor Sui Wen asked Royal Historian Zhang Juren (a position above prime minister) who were these figures.

Zhang told the emperor they were five ghosts in heaven and five epidemic demons on earth.

That year, a pandemic outbreak occurred in China.

After the country recovered, Emperor Sui Wen bestowed Five Demons royal titles and build a temple for them in an attempt to place them under control. Since then, each lunar May 5 was the day for people to communicate with the demons, urging them to keep good behaviour.

The earliest reference on Five Epidemic Demons can be found in Simple Question (素问·刺法论), China’s earliest medical encyclopedia compiled 2,000 years ago.

It observes: The five types of epidemics are highly contagious diseases. All those infected, regardless of their age, would display similar symptoms. (五疫之至,皆相染易,无问大小,病状相似).

China’s success in containing the COVID-19 pandemic and the most epidemics in the past two thousand years can be mainly attributed to its long history and rich experience in using Chinese medicine battling contagious diseases, its tradition of self-discipline maintained by most citizens in order to defend their families and their community from virus outbreaks, and its strong centralised government that is able to command effective wars in the time of massive public health crises.


7 May 2020

Someone needs to tell Trump. He is looking for someone to sue.

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The five devils are epidemics for four seasons plus the one for all seasons. The one for autumn is Zhao Gongming (赵公明), who is also the major money god in Chinese mythology.

So I don’t think Trump will sue him. He would worship Zhao as his God.

Despite all his religious rhetoric, I don’t believe he actually worships anything but money and power itself. He did at one time proclaimed himself “the chosen one” and he sprays paints himself orange (though I think in his mind it’s a “golden” tan).

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Remember how the president donut demanded the people return to work after Easter?

“You’ll have packed churches all over our country … I think it’ll be a beautiful time”

“Easter’s a very special day for me.”

That donut peanut thinks he is so important that the people should risk their lives to make him feel good on his special day.

I do suspect this guy has severe mental problems. His narcissism is akin to those exhibited by all cult leaders.

An epidemic broke out in China the year the emperor looked on this picture, and yet you post it again! Ohhh dear, we are in for it now 😨😨😃

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No, Eric, the epidemic occurred in the same year, so the world has already had it and that’s it. 😄

Five Epidemic Demons with five pair of eyes on their way to spread contagious disease.

An ancient Chinese wood print illustration.


7 May 2020

Those damn Devils have been busy this year.

So true.

Celestial Master Zhang (张天师) suppresses Five Epidemic Devils.

This is a traditional Daoist talisman that is often stuck onto a wall or the front door to prevent and suppress epidemics.

The scarlet pigment (朱砂) ink is used to strengthen the power of the talisman.

This is a traditional Daoist talisman for preventing or suppressing natural-born or man-made pandemic.

The red paper is used to strengthen the power of the talisman as the colour reflects maximum yang qi while the Five Epidemic Demons with five pairs o eyes are mainly formed by yin qis.

This is a traditional Daoist talisman that is utilised to invoke hidden forces and/or higher powers to fight against epidemics brought forth by Epidemic Demons.

These special Chinese characters are only employed to transmit messages between different worlds.

Chinese Song: Farewell The Devil of Epidemic

May I ask where the Five Demons are going,
To the sky paper boats and candles are burning!

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