Hong Kong’s Problem with Its Educational System

Hong Kong’s educational and legal systems are in a big mess and the students are free to publicly show a Nazi salute. The guy on the right is the president of the student union at Hong Kong University.

Hong Kong’s Problem with Its Legal System

As Hong Kong‘s legal system is based on Common Law with high court judges being foreign nationals, Hong Kong has not fully returned to China in effect, but remains as a Foreign Concession Zone, like what Shanghai used to be before 1949.

In the recent riot, Hong Kong protesters trained in Oslo and financially supported by Washington are free to destroy public properties, set fire to government buildings, attack police, and assault citizens who do not agree with their point of view.

The Hong Kong judges, such as this female judge of Indian nationality, would habitually let the mobs arrested walk out free.

The local culture in Hong Kong, by and large, is a hybrid of the worst aspects of both Chinese and British cultures – very superstitious while extremely selfish (utter individualism) and super arrogant (somehow feeling proud of being colonized and still being semi-colonized by the Big Brother on the planet).

Hong Kong may need cultural reform (if not a revolution) if it wants to stay relevant in the future.

33-year-old Australian women Rebecca Nunan felt life was so boring in her home country so went to join Hong Kong riot last November and threw bricks from a footbridge in an attempt of killing police officers below. This Aussie thug was sentenced to 3 months behind bars.


May 29, 2020

3 months for attempted murder is very soft. What would she get in the US? 5-7 years?

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It has already been a harsh sentence, considering the majority of HK high court judges (15 out of 23) are foreign nationals from Anglo-Saxon backgrounds like the UK and Australia, while those governments are backing up the riots.

The Hong Kong man who killed his Taiwanese girlfriend and mutilated her body only got 25 months.

Hong Kong’s Problem with Its Political System


A House of Representatives – a church of new cultish religion “Democracy”.


Oct 6, 2019

David McKenzie
Really enjoyed the photos and history of China that you posted. Political commentary, no. Unfollowing.

All Things Chinese
I’m amazed someone who keeps running political commentaries on Twitter would feel so offended when others express their opinions on politics which are not what you what to hear. Talking about politics/social issues must be a privilege reserved for self-appointed chosen few. A great lesson on “Democracy”, lol

David McKenzie
We don’t know each other, so I’ll be clear: I like the painting. I think it is funny and insightful. But if someone called the Chinese system a cult, I’d stop following them, too. There are many ways to run a country, and they all have flaws. I think we should respect each other.

All Things Chinese
I agree with what you said, but I also like to be clear. The UK parliamentary system by itself is certainly not a cult, but in recent decades, it has been turned into a religion by superpower states & their mouthpiece as a brainwashing tool in the pursuit of global hegemony.

David McKenzie
Thank you for your honest, thoughtful response. I think we’ll continue to disagree on many things, but I also think thoughtful disagreement is good for humans everywhere.

stanislav kostarnov
Cultish or not one thing about democracy is, it is not new, it is older than 2 of the four main world religions

All Things Chinese
By then Greek Democracy was a social system, not a religion. It is a relatively recent phenomenon that sees a political system that has been turned into a cult with non-believers demonized and prosecuted by the power of the state and the media.

The reason the Western-style “Democracy” becomes a cult is it can be used as a replacement tool for certain groups in certain states to pursue/maintain their economic and cultural dominance on the planet after the conventional religion (Christianity) lost its appeal.

The ancient Greek “Democracy” was, in fact, a failure. Democracy without limitation & centralisation only leads to inefficiency even anarchy (see what happened in Ukraine and Hong Kong).


in HK… they lost their minds over “Western Democracy.”

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There are strengths and weaknesses in genuine Western-style democracy, but what those HK jerks are looking for in fact has nothing in common with the principles of democracy.

They burned alive an old man who argued with them, bricked a street cleaner to death, threw petrol bombs at police and pedestrians, and assault any Chinese who does not speak the local Cantonese dialect. They turned the university campuses into patrol bomb factories, they took drugs and practiced group sex, all in the name of “Western Democracy”.

They are just criminals and the hired criminals paid with big money by the local political parties in opposition for the sake of winning the coming election.

Hong Kong’s Problem with Its Culture

The social conflict in Hong Kong becomes more brutal than ever. Following the disclosure of private information of thousands of police officers by the lawless protesters, recently Hong Kong’s citizen vigilante groups have also set up a website to identify the masked riot participants.

The public exposure of personal information will certainly have a negative impact on the young protesters engaged in violent activities when they look for jobs in Hong Kong and particularly in the mainland in the future.


Sunkeest Media
Why would they do that? Expose the cops private info?

All Things Chinese
Because police try to maintain social order.

Sunkeest Media
I hope they stay safe nonetheless. I understand protesting but there’s no reason to put the cops in danger by exposing their personal lives.

All things Chinese
The children of Hong Kong cops whose private info was leaked have already been harassed and bullied at school not only by students but some teachers associated with violent protesters.

Sunkeest Media
Oh no. This is what I was scared of.

All Things Chinese
Yes, this is very unjustified and cruel.

Fortunately, as I learned, those cops’ kids have been arranged to study at the mainland schools now.

The real danger is for the students involved in the riot. There is plenty of software that can easily unmask their covered face, verify their true identity, therefore, get their detailed private info posted online.

I’ve noticed Hong Kong vigilante’s website keeps updating. Since its hosting company is in Russia, there is nothing much you can do about it.

Even the website may eventually be removed (in years or decades), the files could have been downloaded by various organisations and/or social entities and the records of their violent anti-social past may follow them like their own shadows for life.

Sunkeest Media
That’s the risk they took. I hope these violent clashes get resolved soon.

All Things Chinese
Some ambitious current/former/would-be Hong Kong politicians & local media guys & some sinister international groups are playing the chess games, while these lawless protesters are just mindless pieces on the chessboard.

However, everyone is the creator of his own fate and will have to lay in the bed he made sooner or later. 


May 28, 2020

All Things Chinese
Today, Pompeo declares the US should stand on the neck of 1.4 billion Chinese for his local agents in Hong Kong, and I would expect Li Keqiang to report to NPC China should stand with #floydgeorgeh and #FreeJulianAssange.

4 police have been arrested.

How many CCP members were arrested when they squished Thousands of Tiananmen Square protesters with Tanks?

All Things Chinese
Firstly, 4 police have still not been arrested so far, which is why there are protests and riots. Secondly, we are here talking about TODAY, why do you bright up something happened 30 years ago?

Since you like to present yourself as a history lover, I would presume you know the May 4 campus massacre at Kent State University 50 years ago. Tell me how many police have been arrested for the killing.

Since you claim to be an American conservative with a love for history, you must know the American Indian Holocaust, known as the “500-year war” and the World’s Longest Holocaust In The History Of Mankind, tell me how many officers were charged for the slaughter.

I am not a Deng Xiaoping’s fan, far from it. I think it was wrong for him to send tanks to the square. However, the truth is there was no massacre but the burning of Chinese soldiers by the local mobs backed by sinister thugs from the US, Hong Kong city and Taiwan province.

The events at Kent State and Indian Wars are part of our history. We see our rights and wrongs.

Not in China. You are not given the actual information. Thousands were killed. That is lack of freedom. State CCP news only.

All Things Chinese
I said it is wrong to send tanks but the suppression of the Tiananmen event is absolutely correct because it was a coup aimed at overthrowing the Chinese government masterminded by the corporate US government and its local trash in the mainland, Hong Kong city and Taiwan Province.

As for the genocide of the native Indians, the massacre at Kent University, excuse me, offer your evidence to show the wrongs have been openly corrected. And you may start first by correcting your own wrong of falsely claiming the four officers have been arrested.

The evidence shows the corporate US government and its military force have killed more than 20 million people in 37 nations since WWII. Have the wrongs been corrected?

Interesting…and how many million Chinese survived because we defeated Imperial Japan?

Your figures are disputed.

Mao starved and executed many more millions in his own country.

All Things Chinese
It was not the corporate US but mainly Chinese troops and resistant movements and the Soviet Red Army that drove the Japanese out of China’s northeast through where they came from.

During 13 years of the Japanese invasion of China, the US military industry was the main supplier of ammunition to the Japanese army. After WWII, the chief scientists from the 731 Unit that conducted human experiences and released boi-weapons in China went to work in the US.

The legacy of the Japanese 731 Unit has closely associated with the Port Detriot lab in Maryland.

What is your undisputable figure to prove “Mao starved and executed many more millions in his own country”?

I have noticed you have a habit to make an assertion without facts checking, from the arrest of four officers to the death toll in Tiananmen Square.

You are welcome to share your thoughts here