Mushrooms, whether fresh or dried, are regarded by both Taoists and Chinese herbalists as magic food and featured prominently in Taoist’ daily menu.

Mushrooms not only provide you with major nutrition you may get from both vegetables and non-vegetable sources but also help cleaning up your internal systems. Apart from that, mushrooms can also assist you to lose weight and keep slim.

Here are some popular Chinese recipes for mushroom soups.

1, Soup with Assorted Mushrooms

Soup with assorted mushrooms
Soup with assorted mushrooms


(1) several dry mushrooms

(2) several straw mushrooms

(3) several black poplar mushrooms

(4) a certain amount of needle mushrooms

(5) a few leaves of Chinese green cabbage


(1) Blanch straw mushrooms in boiling water for a minute or two. Using a slotted spoon, transfer mushrooms to the bowl of cold water to stop cooking. Cut each mushroom in half.

(2) Add clean water to the pot and bring to boil. Place all mushroom ingredients into the pot and bring to boil again. Add salt to taste.

(3) Add green cabbage leaves.

(4) Ladle soup into bowls (depends on how many people you are catering). Add a few drops of sesame oil to each soup bowl.

(5) Drink (while hot in winter, after cooling down in summer)

2, Mushroom Soup with White Radish


Mushroom soup with white radish
Mushroom soup with white radish (photo:

(1) 50g dry mushrooms, soak in what until tender;

(2) 500g white radish, cut into fine shreds;

(3) 25g pea shoots;

(4) Peper.


(1) Blench white radish shreds in boiling water, remove to a bowl;

(2) Blanch pea shoots in boiling water, remove to a bowl;

(3) Add water, a few drops of rice wine, salt, bring to boil;

(4) Add white radish, mushroom, boil for half a minute, remove to soup bowl;

(5) Add pea shoots, boil for a few seconds, move to the soup bowl with the soup, add pepper.

3, Mushroom and Egg Soup

Mushroom and egg soup
Mushroom and egg soup


(1) 100g fresh mushrooms, tear into small strips after wash;

(2) 1 egg, scramble thoroughly, beat up to the right consistency ;

(3) Shallot or spring onion, chop into fine pieces.


(1) Heat the wok, add a small amount of oil, add mushroom and salt, stir fry for one or two minutes;

(2) Add two or three small rice bowl of water, bring to boil, season to taste;

(3) Add egg, wait for a little while then stir lightly, add shallot.

Tips: Once put in the egg, don’t cook for too long so the egg would remain tender.

4, Mushroom Soup with Winter Melon

Winter melon
Winter melon


(1) 3 dry mushrooms, soak in water until soft, wash thoroughly and cut into bite-sized pieces;

(2) A small section of winter melon, cut to wedges;

(3) A small section of carrot, cut to wedges.


Mushroom soup with winter melon and carrot
Mushroom soup with winter melon and carrot

(1) Place all ingredients and water into a pot, bring to boil on high heat, then simmer on low heat for half an hour;

(2) Add salt to taste.

5, Mushroom Soup with Green Cabbage and Black Fungus


(1) 3 green cabbage;

(2) 50g fresh mushrooms, tear into small pieces, soak in salty water before wash in running water;

(3) 10 black fungi, soak in water until tender, wash thoroughly in running water;

(4) Shallot or spring onion, cut into small pieces;

(5) Ginger, chop into fine pieces

Mushroom and black fungus soup
Mushroom and black fungus soup

(6) Pepper;

(7) Sesame oil.


(1) Heat the oil in a hot wok, add shallots and ginger, quite stir fry until aromatic;

(2) Add mushroom and black fungus, stir fry for one or two minutes;

(3) Add 3 or 4 cups of water, bring to boil on high heat then simmer for 5 minutes on medium to small fire;

(4) Add salt to taste;

(5) Simmer for another 5 minutes;

(6) Add pepper and green cabbage;

(7) When green cabbage turn tender, switch off the fire, add sesame oil.

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  1. Hello! I really loved this recipe. I am a big fan of mushroom everything but I never really had a mushroom soup. This one sounds amazing. I should definitely try it! I have no idea what some of these vegetables are but it shouldn’t be hard to find them at an Asian store I guess.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe!


    1. You’re most welcome Katerina. I selected these recipes from a dozen or so Taoist mushroom dishes because the materials are readily available at local supermarkets here in Australia, with only one vegetable that can be considered as exotic – winter melon. But winter melons can be found at most Asian grocery stores. Thanks again for your kind comment.

  2. man this looks so so good. I will have to have my wife make it. I suck at cooking. I am going to send her over hear lol. Thanks for this.


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