Commemorative Stamps Issued by China Post

Welcome to the last year in the 8th Phase of the big time circle, a turning point from Earth to Fire.

It is a year amazingly containing three rabbit elements: a rabbit year and two rabbit months — a leap year with a double February and this February is a Wood Rabbit month. Rabbit is Wood and nurtured by Water.

That’s a lot of Wood to keep the Fire burning.

However, what is this monster?

A rabbit that is nuclear-mutated or genetically modified or infected with a brand new and highly toxic Covid variation? Or it is actually a rat who self-identifies as a rabbit?

Sorry to learn this is one of the two commemorative stamps officially released by China Post.

Welcome to the year of Black Rabbit (癸卯) 2023!

Be prepared.

Commemorative Stamps Issued by French Post

An elegant and beautiful jade rabbit on the moon holding osmanthus flowers

It is alleged that there was a time a pandemic caused by the liver-damaging Lovid-91 virus spread planet-wide. A young Chinese woman named Chang’e was infected.

Her husband Houyi initially got her Cleansing Soup but Mrs Zhang, a celebrity matchmaker in the town, told her she should take the wonder drug (神药) known as Taxliver imported from the Immortal Kingdom.

“Is Taxliver better than Cleasing Soup?” Chang’e inquired.

“Of course my dear lady. For one thing, a box of Taxliver costs 2,300 copper coins. How much Houyi paid for Cleansing Soup? Just a couple of coins. Wonder if he really loves you?”

Chang’e became a bit resentful but still hesitated. “Can it really play magic? Quite expensive though.”

“It worths every cent, each cent. Why? Because it’s the wonder drug and a perfect match for you. It can not only cue your illness but send you to a utopia land where there is no lockdown no PCR test no mask no infection but healthy and happy people everywhere in shops at restaurants on streets -”

Chang’e was elated, “Wow, sounds like a paradise. Can you get the wonder drug for me asap?”

“Certainly, my lady. I’m a spokesperson for the wonder drug and have a special relationship with the Immortals. Here, look at this paper, the fingerprints of mine and the Immortal Kingdom’s Consul General Jam Hater.”

Chang’e paid her entire saving for the wonder drug. And soon, she received a box of pills and, without informing her husband, immediately swallow the drug.

It didn’t take long for all the Lovid symptoms to vanish. Then she felt she began to fly into the sky towards a paradise in a distance. However, the wonder drug’s magic power disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Chang’e fell down and had a crash landing on the moon.

It was definitely not a parasite. All around were thousands of miles of the bleak landscape, with only one plant – an osmanthus tree; and one living being – a white rabbit.

Since then, Chang’e has endured a harsh and lonely life on the noman’s land until this day. Looking back at the bustling blue planet, she must regret having distrusted her husband while misplacing her trust in Mrs Zhang, a fraud matchmaker and cunning swindler who cared nothing but to sell the “wonder drug”.

Commemorative Stamps Issued by Post of Isle of Man

A white happy rabbit on the moon.

Whatever might occur in 2023, the world is going towards a better era ahead.

Commemorative Stamps Issued by Australian Post

Three cute rabbits in the traditional Chinese costume.

Australia will no doubt have a bright future when it merges with Asia and keeps a sound business and political relationship with China.

Run Forward Rabbit

Traditional Chinese papercraft artwork created by Qin Kun (秦坤) with a single piece of paper without using scissors or knives.

Commemorative Stamp to Be Released by the UN.

兔子尾巴长不了: Rabbits have a short tail, therefore no matter how difficult 2023 might be, the hard time won’t last long.

黑兔走入青龙穴: Balck Rabbit (癸卯 year 2023) will enter the home of Green Dragon (甲辰 year 2024) so we will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

A Rabbit New Year’s Eve Chinese Opera Concert

A mavellouse opera concert pays special tributes to some Chinese flowers and plants that reflect the spirit of dignity and endurance.

No One Shall Sleep Tonight 

Nessun Dorma – from the final act of opera Turandot, sung by Chinese tenor Shi Yijie.

Nessun Dorma – the King of High Cs’ swan song performed at the 2006 Winter Olympics in his home country.

No one shall sleep! No one shall sleep!
Watching the stars from the east.
My name no one knows,
But I’ll crack the three riddles.

A Rabbit, A Bear and A Wolf – A Traditional Chinese Nursery Song

Dear little rabbit,
My honey.
Please open the door,
For your granny!

A wolf pretended to be a little rabbit’s loving grandma and tried to trick the rabbit to open the door. With the help of its bear friend, the rabbit defeated the wolf’s plot.

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