A row of waterfront houses in Suzhou with some balustrades formed by curved back support of a bench for casual sitting.

Note a room with pink sheer curtains, which must be a wedding chamber.

A commercial centre along a river in Suzhou with shops on the waterfront and boats for trading and sightseeing in the waterway.

Note signage on a yellow fabric specifying Teahouse With Kunqu Opera. The traditional teahouse in Suzhou and its surrounding areas usually offer free Pingtan and Kunqu performances to entertain their patrons.

Kunqu, the mother of all Chinese operas, is originated in Suzhou 600 years ago and sung in the Suzhou tongue. It is the most poetic and sophisticated stage performing art in China.

While Pingtan is relatively young with about 400 years of history. It’s a musical story-telling art, usually performed by an actor and an actress, and accompanied by Pipas.

Suzhou business district during the Ming Dynasty – part of a colour ink painting by a Ming artist.

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