Bamboo and willow branch are commonly used to make furniture and, occasionally, simple building structures in China.

Binzhou, in China’s east province Shandong, is well-known for its handmade willow products.

And now a village in Binzhou is building an e-commerce trading centre, that looks like made of willow branches, to sell its willow products online.

A willow e-commerce building in a Chinese village

A Chinese village’s e-commerce centre for selling villagers’ handmade willow products online looks like as if made of willow branches.

The details of the willow building in a Shandong village

The e-commerce centre’s facade is cladded with precast triangle units and assembled in a way that makes the building look like a giant version of a willow product that the villagers are selling online.

What will be a better advertising than using an entire building itself?

Willow products made by Binzhou villagers

These are some typical handmade willow items the villagers in Beizhou traditionally produce.

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