Maybe in their games, the winner is the one who runs slower than anyone else. 😁


Arien N. Hammell
The dog is a clever creature who knows that he does not need to stoop to manual labor to get to where he needs to go.

Just look at how fast he’s getting to the library thanks to his cunning! The silly turtle fell right for his scheme~

All Things Chinese
This reflects today’s human world, doesn’t it? One who does the hard yards on the ground is suppressed and ruled and exploited by another who does nothing, or nothing constructive.

Arien N. Hammell
Ah, the parallels of society reflected in nature, or rather another example of how actions repeat themselves, no matter the period of time or the species performing the action.

I do hope this year will be a good one though. First the wooden dog who stands alert and now this? I am ashamed of being born during the Year of the Dog; My puppy brethren disappoint me!

All Things Chinese
So this is your year Arien? Congratulations! It could be a turning point, with danger and opportunity presented at the same time. Try to make a hype-jump to a higher/broader space-time, which is the best way to avoid a setback – that is like when you swim through a torrent ~__^

However, we have an Earth Dog this time. Dog belongs to Earth in terms of Five Agents for Qi and we’ve got an Heavenly Stem that is also Earth, so in general this year the things could be a bit muddy, and quite heavy, and rather murky for the situations in the world.

Having said that, this is merely a rough forecast for coming climate, as to whether we will reap a bump harvest or get bankrupt, it also depends on what most nations are going to do in the global farmland 💮💮💮

Arien N. Hammell
Haha, thanks for letting me know~ I was just happy about the fact that I’d been lucky enough to be born during the Year of the Dog, since I really love dogs. To be honest, I really had no idea that there was more to it, which is a silly thought now that I think about it.

Hmmm, so during this year I should aim to push against the mud and murk to triumph? I wonder, would being born during the Year of the Dog make that easier, or harder, for me? I suppose it would be foolish for me to rely on it being the Dog Year alone, since true strength can only come from within.

Hah, pardon me, I’m very new to this kind of thing, so I’m not entirely sure how to proceed with my thinking on this matter.

All Things Chinese
The potential muddy and murky condition is associated with the Earth Dog year, and it applies to everyone.

As for people like you with zodiac Dog, it will be a year of turning point only because you’ve completed a small circle in your life and will experience a reboot or restart, which may cause an alteration in momentum or direcion. In this sense, it could present as a challenge but also an opportunity if you are ready to make a hype-jump.

In fact, dog is a very good zodiac sign according to the view of most Chinese, as it suggests loyalty, honesty and intelligence.

There are as many as five different types of Dog signs: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire, depending on the year the Dog person was born.

If you were born in 2006, you are a Fire Dog; in 1994, a Wood Dog; in 1982, a Water Dog; in 1970, a Metal Dog; in 1958, again, an Earth Dog.

One’s inherited fortune reflected at the moment he was born is not solely based on the year of birth. The birth year does not even play a significant role on one’s Eight-Characters chart formed by the year, month, day and time of his birth.

Among these four groups of time factors, on which day one was born is far more crucial than any other, followed by the month and then the year.

Further, the relationship between birth date, month, year and time is even more important than on which day one was born.

Finally, the interplay between one’s birth chart and the time one lives through also affects one’s life path. For instance, two men may have exactly the same eight characters but they are 60 years apart, so the fortune they inherited could be quite different as they go through different time zones in cosmic level.

In terms of time, according to the ancient Chinese calculation, each 60 years form a basic time unit, while each 2,500 years marks a turning point for humanity on Earth.

The time traint has a lot to do with the fluctuation and interaction of the two polar energies, yin and yang, and the stage on the 129,600-year cosmic time circle, according to Book of Ultimate Time Circle (皇极经世书) compiled by Song Dynasty I Ching maser Shao Kangjie.

But again, all I talked about in above apply more closely to the humanity as a whole, as group action is harder to change thus the future path is more difficult to alter.

As for individuals, he is the ruler of his own faculty and can consciously amend his response to the old challenge thus partly or entirely alter his life path.

Of course, the trick here is being able to change his old habit and “consciously” choose to make more desirable responses to old challenges on daily basis. It is very difficult, however, it is not impossible. In fact, it’s entirely possible. For anyone who can do so, zodiac and time circle can not affect him, because he is the master of his own fortune and own fate.

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