If Li Ziqi reflects the best aspect of China’s past, Qi Ge represents the great potential of China’s future. A Chinese man with his dog tours around China for years in his self-designed mobile home.

In this video, Qi Ge shows how he and his dog spent time alone in a quiet mountain valley, enjoying his afternoon tea at the foldable deck.

Lop Nur, An Oasis in the Desert

In this video, Qi Ge shared his meal with his dog on a mountain peak with a panorama view unfolding before him.

In the summer of 2020, Qi Ge visited Lop Nur in the Gobi desert in Xinjiang Province.

On his way, he encountered a severe sandstorm with a visibility of a mere one metre.

He and his dog were forced to spend the night in the middle of the desert.

When Qi Ge eventually arrived in Lop Nur, he paid a visit to an ancient settlement of Uyghur people.

An ageing Uyghur carpenter in Lop Nur at work.

In the dining room, local tourists from other parts of Xinjiang keep coming for meals and drink.

An Old Uyghur City in Xinjiang

Days later, Qi Ge and his dog arrived in Kashgar in southern Xinjiang.

Kashar is an ancient city with the largest Uyghur community in China.

This is an alleyway in an old Kashar neighbourhood.

Many trees on the streets in Kasha CBD bear fruits. The local kids would invite Qi Ge to take some when he passed by.

There are stalls selling Uyghur people’s much-treasured old items.

A Night Market in Xinjiang

After nightfall, the bustling night food market in the CBD of Kashar opens for business.

People from all walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds come together to celebrate their diverse food cultures until midnight on the daily basis.

Next day, Qi Ge found a wonderful pot at a bargain price in a survivor store in Kashar.

In a musical instrument shop, the Uyghur owner demonstrated how Uyghur-style guitar works.

Xinjiang’s fruits are among the best in China. This is one of the numerous fruit stalls in Kashar owned by an Uyghur woman.

Most elderly Uyghur people kept their traditional way of life. This old couple wore traditional Uyghur hats while dining out.

But most Uyghur kids prefer T-shirts and playing games on cell phones.

Stay at a Wuhan Village by the End of 2020

In December 2020, Qi Ge’s mobile home entered Hubei Province on his way to Hunan Province to meet his friends.

He and his dog have been joined by a cat. The family of three travelled through the rural region of Hebei towards Wuhan.

The time was late, so Qi Ge decided to spend a night at a village in Wuhan outskirts. This is the entrance of the village which has a beautiful name: Magnolia‘s Fragrance.

At the entrance, there is a village centre that includes a mahjong room.

In the early morning of the post-covid era of Wuhan, this small village is full of life: people go to the morning market on foot or by car.

The village’s parking area surrounded by village houses and flats is free to use for mobile homes.

In the parking, Qi Ge and his dog found a power pole for vehicles, phones and other electronic devices to recharge the power.

The revitalized Qi Ge and his furred friends continued their tour around China. His dream is to tour the world.

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