This is not a fairytale but a real incident occurred in a zoo in Guangdong Province.

A tiger and a monkey were neighbours with their territories separated by steel bars along the border.

One day when the tiger quietly took a nap, the restless and insecure monkey somehow became more vicious, more aggressive, more inclined to take risks to come directly at the real or imagined threats it may or may not face in a seeable or unseeable future, consequently, it grabbed a stone and hurled it towards the tiger as an inter-cage ballistic missile.

The giant was immediately woken up to the confrontational reality from its harmonious dream. It grumbled unhappily then forgot about the incident and tried to return to its dreamland of peace.

However, the monkey was never a peace-lover by nature so its militant business of aggression went on. Another stone missile launched. And the tiger was once again forced to face the reality of war. It raised its sharp paws in a gesture of complaint and disapproval.

But the empty gesture served nothing to deter the restless monkey from escalating the military actions. It picked up a handful of sands from the ground and threw them as a dirty bomb against the tiger’s face.

The giant roared furiously as it got sands in its eyes, stepping backwards and forward in pain.

The monkey exposed its teeth to show its grin and smirked behind the protective bars.


Quite an analogy there mebthinks the tiger maybe China. 😁

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But who is the Monkey? Did anyone from the zoo stop the monkey from being an instigator? To be aware of the story someone must have been aware of the problem.

Well if the UN are aware which they are not usually as they see through eyes of their own world agenda.

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The monkey is a monkey in a zoo, and the incident was published online by human onlookers as news for public amusement some years ago. 😁

My guess is all three have their own agendas. The tiger just wanted to peacefully enjoy its dream within, while the monkey in question couldn’t help itself from initiating some external engagement to release its violent internal urge. As for why the human observers didn’t stop the monkey’s provocation, well, if they did, they would have nothing to report. No news is good news but bad journalism – media guys’ agenda is often in conflict with the wellbeing of humanity. Sometimes they are part of the problems. Think about the behaviour of Britain’s BBC, America’s CNN, Australia’s ABC, just to name a few.

It is interesting how the whole thing is so much like a microcosm of the world, tempted to say the modern world, in which the observing is watching, filming, while one party at peace and content is provoked by another. And as you say it seems bad news carries fast and then the judgements begin. 🤔

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Because the universe is holographic; each part contains a Taiji core and each Taiji core contains the full information of the entire universe and its change.

In short, the parts mirror each other and reflect the whole.

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