China found a white panda in Sichuan Province in April 2019.

A brown-coloured baby panda was spotted in Shaanxi on November 1, 2017, which is the fifth brown panda found in China.

The first panda donning another coloured coat, instead of a trademark white & black outfit, was discovered in 1985 in a bamboo forest in Shaanxi’s Qinling mountain area, the third major habitat for giant pandas after Sichuan and Hubei. The latest field inspection carried out between 1999 and 2003 puts the panda population in the area at around 300.

The brown panda discovered in Qinling in 2017 is believed to be less than two months old. It was lying on a pile of bamboo streamers with the mother in normal black and white wandering nearby. Although the baby was too young to open its eyes at the time, its audio sense had fully developed; when approached by people, it would utter a scream in an attempt to scare the aliens away.

This guy newly discovered, also from Qinling Mountain range in northern China, is dressed in a brown jumpsuit and loves to eat brownish bamboo shoots.


Time for the panda to wave goodbye to his audience in Chengdu.

This celebrity panda is in black & white and sees the world in black or white: sleep or eat. It demonstrates in public how to do nothing else but eat without stopping and doze in the sun, but was forced to leave his glorious open stage by a zookeeper.


Goodbye my adoring fans, be sure to come and see me in the movies.

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That is the way Chinese train their youth how to make a living through honest work so they can stand on their own feet (oops, this guy doesn’t, apparently …)

Ha ha but why walk when your minions can carry you? 🤗

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True, that’s in fact human nature. Anyone who wants to get above that will have to work really hard to change the default behavioural and psychological setting.

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