Israel’s Nuclear Program

Israel’s involvement with nuclear technology dates back to the founding of the country in 1948. In 1949 French atomic energy commissioner visited Israel and a joint research program was set up between the two countries. In the 1950s and early 1960s, France was Israel’s principal arms supplier, and helped Israel built a nuclear reactor and plutonium production facility. In return Israel spied […]

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A Scholar’s Recount Of The Tiananmen Incident 1989

The following is an eye-twinness account penned in 2009 by 彩云舒, a Beijing scholar. English translation by Fish, photos and captions also added by Fish.  In 1989, I briefly returned to Beijing for a research project that was jointly carried out by China’s Science Academy and an overseas company and had an opportunity to observe the whole process of the […]

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An Eye-Witness Account Of The Tiananmen Incident 1989

The following is a Chinese language post penned by 老气横秋 who participated and witnessed the Tiananmen Incident 1989 and its English translation. Photos and captions are added by Fish.  May 18, 1989, Beijing factory workers joined the anti-corruption movement taking place in the Tiananmen Square initiated by university students. The corrupted officials were mainly referring to Deng Pufang, Deng Xiaoping’s […]

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