Sitting on a hilltop 1214 metres above sea level, this is an ancient pyramid in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, in the south of Yangtze River.

The massive structure has a base floor area over 5,000 sqm, with 4 levels in total, each of which is about 1.5m in height and has a 1.2m setback from the front of the lower level.

On the pyramid centre stands a stone gateway, 6.6 metres tall; and on the gate, there are eight Chinese characters carved in which contain the characters meaning “mountain”, “tomb”, “path” and “sky”.

The eight Chinese characters are arranged in four groups:

道岸 (way, shore)
巴陵 (Sichuan, tomb)
天共 (sky, share)
相山 (assistance, mountain)

The second pyramid is situated 700 meters away on a hilltop that is slightly taller than the first one but on a modest scale of around 1600 sqm of ground floor area.

Both structures are built of stones, with no mortise and tenon joints found and no trace of mortar detected.

So far no one can tell what is the intended functionality of the structures; nor are their exact ages or the meaning behind the Chinese characters on the gateway of the first pyramid.

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