Cats become fat overnight A Republic:

Not so long ago in a galaxy nearby, there was a planet called Mud; on the Mud there was a country titled People’s Republic of Porcelain.

Within the Porcelain, there were two forces: one was influenced by a movement known as Social Unification and another was supported by an empire named United Stockbrokers.

Two Forces:

In the beginning, the S.U. had an upper hand and successfully unified assets for a coordinated arrangement to facilitate a slow progress of achieving shared prosperity.

But later, the U.S. gained control over the system, so the stockbrokers had a free hand to dismantle the unification and sell the assets for quick cash.

As a result, a large number of government officials had been transformed into government entrepreneurs while their families, friends and associates became overnight billionaires.

Below is a rough translation of a short biography of fat cats penned by a Porcelain watcher in Ceramic language and posted on social media Tiny Blog:

Cats’ Secret to Becoming Fat Overnight

In the recent thirty years, the People’s Republic of Porcelain chiefly relied on real estate development and infrastructure programs to drive economic growth.

To be fair, after 3 decades of progress, the living standards for most Porcelainers have been improved quite a lot, but the savings do not increase accordingly, and the aspiration of achieving shared prosperity remains a dream.

That is because a great proportion of common assets were (and are) stolen by those who have direct or indirect access to the public properties accumulated during the Unification era and created in the Stockbroker period.

In the beginning, the commerce game was played as a hobby by government officials and their family members for the purpose of earning some extra pocket money.

Yet soon greed took over and they were no longer content with just playing commerce games but wanted to take up challenges in financial sectors, therefore operating private banks became legal.

Over time, in the upper end of the town, fat cats amassed an astronomical amount of illegal income and constantly processed money laundering through activities like movie making, art collection, land trading, fake charity donations and false investment offers. But still, these channels weren’t convenient and quick enough to convert all their black money into white.

So those cats who became fat overnight tried to find a more efficient way to do money laundering.

Porcelain’s energy sector is the lifeline of the country, and thus is an area where quick and big money can be easily made. All greedy ones fancied taking a slice of this creamy cake. But the sector used to be under strict state control with no private hands being able to touch it, which had broken the hearts of many devoted energy-business lovers.

But the table eventually turned around. When the good news spread that the government would help anyone who is rich enough to buy a slice of the cake, all the fat cats put their money, real or fake, legally earned or illegally obtained, on the table.

Before long, the energy sector was also opened to private investors prior to the big government spending on energy programs.

Fat Cats’ Porcelain Dream: To Become Fatter Alone

In Mud year 2012, the cunning Premier named Universal Family Asset Value was in the office, while the poker-faced President Multicolour Harmonious Waves had some health issues and preferred to take it easy on his premier. So Universal Value was free to do whatever he wanted for his family assets. Several months before the end of his premiership, his office announced a policy called neo-36 points that virtually allowed almost everything owned by the state to get listed on the stock market.

How the drama is going to play out for the Porcelainers in general, aspiring for shared prosperity, and the fat cats in particular, in the chase of their unique dream of becoming fatter alone, is anyone’s guess.

Of course, by now you shall have figured out the fat cats do not live on planet Mud in a nearby galaxy but right here on Earth.

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