China is probably the first country in the world to develop a nationwide platform as social media where in theory everyone could express his view publically.

It is known as Big Character Post (大字报).

Red Guards and Big Character Posts in Pre-internet Age

The Big Character Posts are usually handwritten with brush and stuck on a wall or freestanding viewing panels. This form of social media reached its climax during the time between the mid-60s and the early-80s throughout the Cultural Revolution period, and was brought to every corner of China by the Red Guards from Beijing, the most self-righteous and militant among all Red Guards. And Deng Xiaoping’s three daughters are part of the leaders of this extremist social group who imposed the political correctness of that era on the nation.

Deng Xiaoping's three daughters in Cultural Revolution as Red Guards
Deng Xiaoping’s three daughters in Cultural Revolution as Red Guards

While the Big Character Posts nurtured a grassroots democracy, it was also a hotbed for spreading groundless rumours, mounting malicious personal attacks and provoking conflicts between groups and individuals.

In a sarcastic turn of events, the three daughters’ father (Deng Xiaoping) became one of the biggest victims of the Big Posts. And posting Big Character Posts in public was eventually declared illegal by him in the early 80s when he was criticized for his leadership style and some of his policies.

Social Extremists and Social Media Today

However, 20 years later, it made a comeback, albeit no longer in the form of big characters but small fonts and no longer using paper but electronic devices.

Once again, the social media spreads to every corner of China, so are both its positive and negative effects on Chinese people’s daily lives.

Here is the latest instance concerning the misuse of this double-edged sword in China:

Neo Red Guards: Radical Feminists and Social Extremists

There is a Chinese actor studying in Japan and fallen in love with a Japanese woman. The woman now accused her boyfriend of domestic violence and Japanese police arrested the man.

The local media promptly conducted a TV interview in which the woman was offered an opportunity to give her one-sided story, describing how her boyfriend physically abused her.

It is curious to know if Japan actually has a totally different legal system from most modern countries in the world, otherwise, this should be considered as a media trial and a blatant interference with the judicial procedure.

Shortly after the interview was aired, the evidence that include the lawyer’s statement and photos surfaced, showing the woman has fabricated quite a few crucial details. For instance, she appeared on TV with a badly bruised face and neck, yet photos posted online after the day of the alleged bash and before she conducted the interview show no sign of bruises, and moreover, she was seen happily engaging social occasions with her boyfriend.

Based on some further evidence and her own admission, some suggest that she and those behind her might have deliberately set up a trap for the purpose of money extortion.

Yet, when the man’s friends in China expressed their wish to know what exactly happened between the two, they received nasty personal abuses and were confronted with brutal smear campaigns from some radical Chinese feminists.

To them, what really happened between the couple is irrelevant – they just want the man to be punished with a long jail sentence as they believe women are forever victims no matter what they do to men. As for the man’s friends, they have no right to demand any fair trial otherwise they must be sexists with no respect for women.

However, earlier when a Chinese female actress proudly announced she had bashed up her husband because he conducted an extramarital affair, she was cheered on by the same group of female radicalists.

Clearly, these people are not really seeking gender equality but female dominance over males in social and family lives – they are pushing for achieving another kind of gender inequality.

Ironically, they are often the women most mean to other women, such as their female colleagues and, particularly, their mothers-in-law, and vulgarly label the men who maintain a close relationship with their mother as Mommy’s Boy.

Since the 1950s, China’s practice in gender equality was ahead of the rest of the world with females encouraged to take the jobs traditionally done by men and received the same pay rate as their male counterparts.

China in 1965: A female worker operating her machine

By then an emotionally selfish and mentally violent radicalized feminist movement had not yet spread to China from the West thus the gender relationship was rather healthy in which men warmly welcomed women to catch up and women sincerely appreciated men’s support.

It is regrettable to see today this movement has been badly corrupted by a package of political correctness which dominates and poisons today’s world. And a ferocious and hypocritical Hillary Clinton is one of the major promoters of this wicked package during her visits to China.

The same goes for ethnic relations.

Those social extremists who tend to impose political correctness according to their standards are as dangerous as religious extremists, as they both prohibit people from maintaining their common touch and common sense and thinking and acting independently when the best interest of an individual or a community is concerned.

Comments from Google Plus:

Michael Cammock:

I am always looking for opportunities to try and put things right in the World and I see that Your Article is one way of highlighting certain aspects of Human Nature that can be properly put right in positive ways, and so therefore…. With a great amount of team effort, the whole World “can” be put right, one day, one way or the other and within the boundaries of the Law.

All Things Chinese:

I think the key to happiness as a human is not to demand others to meet our personal needs or preference. We have no such right and it won’t work anyway.

This is what social and religious extremists do and this is why they are destructive forces to the progress of human civilization.

However, we can demand ourselves to do what we wish to do and be what we wish to be.

Andrei Moraru:

I can not comment on such things, but I know for certain that China has gone the right way. We in Romania welcome your good work and we even need China’s help.
Welcome to Romania.

All Things Chinese:

I agree, China is now, by and large, heading in the right direction but it could be led astray at any moment along the way if it could not eradicate these social radicals (such as the social terror imposed by radical feminists) and ethnic extremism (mainly from the so-called ethnic minority groups), which demand a special privilege over the rest and are fuelling gender wars, ethics conflicts with danger to derailing Chinese civilization.

Mecano Pasensa:

I wonder why Women dress short skirts, hot pants, open breast shirts, cross her legs, paint her lips, vent down in front of a Man? isn’t that a provocation or an invitation?

All Things Chinese:

Then I would wonder why some men wear nothing on top wear shorts blow? Isn’t that also a provocation or an invitation?

When you get sick, don’t blame your environment but your own immune system since we are living in a world full of viruses.

Gender equality means both men and women should have equal rights to access opportunities in education, job and social participation while showing mutual respect for each other and sharing the same responsibilities to their family and to their community. Women are not men’s property and men are not women’s slaves.

The radical feminists are tearing up the social fabric by provoking gender wars which is very nasty. But the old mentality that regards women as inferior beings and sexual objects is equally appalling.

Who are men? Women’s father, husband and sons.

Who are women? Men’s mother, wife and daughters.

Those men-hate feminists and women-hate blokes actually hate their own families.

Eric Horrobin:

This is true, and is rampant in the US and in Canada, Britain. Radicalised feminists who want any man punished for any sleight offence. In the west we even have term of “eye rape” being used which means if a man looks at a woman to check her out – he is raping her with his eyes😮.

We have this insane #metoo movement on social media when a woman cries rape we get a bunch more coming on line saying he raped, groped her or he looked at her and she felt uncomfortable.

It is a return to mob justice and the loudest people get the attention. The sad thing is all the false complaints diminish the value of a real true complaint and it is undermining and causing disharmony for the truth of a situation.

All Things Chinese:

Yes, men-bashing becomes a fashion in the West – these women are exactly the human beings that they claim they hate most.

Before people get enlightened with universal compassion, for human society to survive and to progress, we need love and affection to bind individuals together – the love between a man and a woman, the devotion between parents and children, the fondness between brothers and sisters, the loyalty between friends and allegiance to one’s heritage.

Yet those radicalized feminists are trying to destroy such a bond. They impose a cultural and social terror in the name of political correctness that creates a social environment in which no one dares even to crack jokes for fear of being interpreted as sexual harassment.

They are horrible social dictators and enemies of a civilized world.

Eric Horrobin:

100% agree. Wise words. They are simply producing hatred and inducing a bigger problem and not working towards a solution. Your earlier comment about extremism is right on the money.

All Things Chinese:

Yes, they are not solutions but part of the problems.

You are welcome to share your thoughts here