Chestnuts Braised with Chinese Cabbage


(1) 20 chestnuts

(2) a Chinese cabbage, remove core and outer leaves, cut the cabbage in two

(3) a dozen soybeans

(4) a red capsicum, cut into long strips

(5) ginger, chopped into fine pieces

(6) cornstarch, diluted in cold water


(1) Scald the cabbage in boiling water until the leaves become soft; after having drawn out water, place it in the middle of a plate;

(2) boil chestnuts until almost tender; move them to a bowl and skin off;

(3) deep fry chestnuts until golden; move them to the plate around the cabbage;

(4) quick stir-fry ginger pieces in heated oil, add water and soybeans, cook for a couple of minutes, sprinkle salt and sugar to taste;

(5) add capsicum strips and starch the ingredients, mix well; pour onto the cabbage.


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