Today marks the 91-year anniversary of the Japanese invasion of China’s northeast region that borders Russia. With the cooperation of the nearly entire Manchu elite group, known as the Eight Banners, the Japanese established Manchukuo, as Japan’s first step to disintegrating China.

On the night of September 18, 1931, the Japanese claimed a section of rail track in China’s Kuanggutun was damaged in a bomb blast by a Chinese soldier. The railway was owned by a Japanese company.

Thus in the early morning of September 19, the Japanese army launched a military attack on the city of Shenyang, which unfolded its 14 years of war against China until the end of WWII.

Soviet Union’s Red Army played a decisive role in liberating China’s northeast area from the rule of Fascist Japan. It only took the Red Army seven days in August 1945 to wipe out 700,000 of Japan’s Kwantung Army.

The mechanised Kwantung Army surrendered to the Soviet Red Army in August 1945.

Red Army entering China’s northeast was a significant factor in the Japanese government’s decision to surrender unconditionally.

August 1945 in China’s northeast, Japanese soldiers laid down their weapons in front of a Red Army officer.

Local Chinese welcomed Soviet Red Army troops. In the 7-day battles that delivered a crushing defeat to the Japanese, 32,000 Red Army soldiers lost their lives or got injured, and 500 armoured vehicles were destroyed.


March 27, 2022

Mukesh S
This is before or after atomic bombs?

All Things Chinese
Before the bombs. But the bombs did have destroyed the will of some Japanese troops to resist which reduced the casualties on both sides.

In August 1945, while Red Army destroyed 700,000 Japanese troops, there were still 10,000 in China’s Mt. Changbai bordering Korean Panisular determining to fight to their last breath, for instance. After the bombing, they all surrendered.

and they didn’t need nukes…

Right. Even the Western press acknowledged that A-Bomb was unnecessary, as Stalin’s armies were the main factor in the Japanese defeat:

Ahsheng Lin
The Japs tanks were tiny when facing the Soviets

All Things Chinese
It might also serve the purpose of testing the effects of the nuke in the real world.

I studied the preparation and conduct of the Sakhalin operation on August 11-25, 1945. It was completed exactly on time, with minimal losses and expenditure of resources. The perfect military operation.

Organize, Educate, Agitate!
The use of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was completely unnecessary. The United States has to bear the consequence of this atrocious act of state terrorism.

Craig Mace
The bombing targets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen to show the Soviet Union what America’s new Atomic Weapons could do to cities full of civilians. They served no military purpose at all as Gen Eisenhower, Adm Leahy and Army Air Force Commanding Gen Arnold said

Now they tainting Comrade Stalin and the glorious Red Army. Not surprising from fascist descendants though.

If you want to destroy a country, you must first destroy its history; if you want to destroy its race, you must first destroy its civilization.

Why Japanese people hero worship Americans so much even after getting nuked two times, I will never understand.

All Things Chinese
It has something to do with its culture – the culture of power worship. You can find it in their schools and offices.

Red Army soldiers were celebrating the victory on the “throne” of Japan’s puppet Manchukuo “emperor” Puyi.

Soviet troops liberated China’s northeast region in August 1945. It was the first part of China to be freed from the Japanese occupation.

On September 3, 2023, Russia celebrated its first Day of WWII Victory Over Japan.

Edited on Sep 4, 2023

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