A Paddy Field on the Rooftop

rice farm on rooftop

A harvest season for the residents

Rooftop gardens are quite in fashion today, but a Chinese man in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, has created a rice farm on the top of his four-storey free-standing house, which is a bit unusual.

The rooftop paddy field is equipped with a concrete water channel and a reservoir with a reinforced waterproof insulation system for the walls and the roof.

Rooftop rice farm

A roof farm on the high ground

The rooftop farming not only brings fresh crops to the residents but helps lower temperature inside the building during summer seasons.

According to the owner, who worked in the rice field for decades, farming on higher ground has greatly reduced the disease damage to the crops, commonly caused by insect pests attacks, hence there is no need to use toxic pesticide or, worse, genetically modify the crops.

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