Full moon night over Forbidden City - Travelling alone

In the beginning of a spring night, there was a full moon freely floating in the sky over the Forbidden City in Beijing.

For capturing the best shots of the lone celestial traveller, a group of local photography lovers gathered on the Viewing Hill, the backdrop of the palace, where the last emperor of Ming Dynasty hang himself in 1644 when the capital fell into the hands of rebellious mobs, which eventually condemned China to a 300 years of dark age under a backward Manchu’s alien rule.

From the ill-fated Viewing Hill, they had a full view of the former Palace lurking in the shadows.

Full moon night over Forbidden City - Danger ahead

The corner of an elaborately decorated watchtower roof on the palace wall looked like a beast with its mouth wide open and teeth fully showing, while the bloated moon was unaware the danger ahead and kept chasing its lofty celestial dream.

Full moon night over Forbidden City - To be caught

Eventually the shining celestial lantern was caught by the dark beast.

Full moon night over Forbidden City - To be swallowed

And was about to be swallowed.

Beware the power of those who have inherited a dark spirit grown in the past 300 years or so in Beijing Forbidden City.

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