The US Government made a plan to nuke China and kill 30% of the total Chinese population living in 30 Chinese cities, according to a secret document unearthed late last year by George Washington University’s National Security Archive.

The scheme known as Single Integrated Operational Plans (SIOP) was initiated between 1962 and 1964 under President Lyndon Johnson’s administration.

The objective of the nuclear strikes on China was to destroy the country’s military defence capability and to remove it from the category of a potential major industrial power, along with the Soviet Union, therefore ensuring a favourable place for the US in the world.

The National Security Archive reveals that the White House regards “population loss as the primary yardstick for effectiveness in destroying the enemy society with only collateral attention to industrial damage”, which means the US government viewed the destruction of populations, including civilians, in the hostile states, as a valid strategy of war.

It is believed that it was chiefly due to the following factors that the White House abandoned its war plan:

Firstly, at the time, 84% of people in China lived in the rural area and nuke Chinese cities mainly located along the eastern seaboard wouldn’t be able to achieve the goal of wiping out 30% of the Chinese population.

Secondly, on October 16, 1964, China successfully tested its first Atomic bomb in the far west desert region.

In comparison, the number of nuclear warheads owned by the US military force in 1967 was 31255. However, you only need one nuclear bomb to ruin a nation.

It was not the only nuclear strike plan against Chinese made by the US government. Some were initiated by the US military force as recent as in the 21st century.

The White House also planned to bomb Russia back to the Stone Age.

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09 September 2018

E. H.
Beware! Donald Trump will be looking over those plans now. If the trade war does not go well this could be plan B.

All Things Chinese
He is playing dangerous games.

As long as greed is inherent in man’s character, literally, a civilized age is highly improbable if not impossible! Ya’ think…???

All Things Chinese
You bet. 

After your post on the village and the one remaining old man. Followed by the statement US planned nuclear strikes I had to do some research. I also found these findings from 1964 discovered by George Washington University. Blew my mind. There was a fear of communism at that time but instead of bombing China we introduced them to capitalism.

All Things Chinese 
I’m a bit confused here. Who are “we” that introduced capitalism? And to whom?

“We” is for the United States. It where I call home. Please don’t hold it against me. :-). The “Whom” would be China and (a bunch of other places) where American corporations have run off to.

Right off hand, capitalism and the control of wealth, it’s the Rothschilds and the central banks. The International Monetary fund, the Bretton Woods monetary system established in 1944. The World Bank and The International Monetary fund and Even George Washington University are within two, three and four city blocks from the White House.

I won’t mention the details because your research will bring up facts.

The “we” is this shadow government, the money institutions that seeks to dominate the world. Having others capitulate to Western world domination.

When Europe began to explore the globe 5 centuries ago, they were behind established civilizations. Their goals were to capture wealth and territories.

Australia the Americas where they gained control of gold, silver and land. 
The East India trading company, the DeBeers Empire, Cecil Rhodes exploited Africa for diamonds and resources and desired to annex the entire African Continent to Great Britain.

Shanghai and Hong Kong were impacted by these aggressive activities of the Europeans British control.

History also speaks of the Boxer Rebellion which was an uprising by the Chinese resisting Colonialism over a Century ago. 

So it’s not a surprise that there was some plan to nuke China. Actually, it would be surprising if there were not a plan🤗

My apologies for rambling on the question of who is “we”? It gets pretty complicated and political.

I was trying to just name some of the agents that are said to have hidden hands that involve, money, war and greed.

PS. In the religious folklore of Western Civilization, there is the story of Adam and Eve. Eve, the wife of Adam was said to have been deceived by the talking serpent and opened the door to sin and transgressions in people. Deceived by a talking serpent (with vocal cords). It’s symbolic although many take the story literally. The literature of the West blames the serpent as the provocateur.

But if you notice some of the characteristics of a serpent 

It runs fast but has no feet 

It can climb trees and choke someone but has no hands

It is a cold-blooded reptile that often curls up to keep heat.

Capitalism is similar to a serpent. It has no hands or feet. It does not move in a straight path. And it maintains its strength by siphoning and curling up around the resources of others.

It has no intrinsic power. Its only power is in controlling others. Capitalism and war are symbolic tools of the serpent.

Long but lovely. Well done.

Thanks, I didn’t want to override you since you were asked the question. Sometimes we live in a world of anxiety though when these kinds of questions are asked who’s we”?

Actually, it’s not really “we”, but “they”

Zbigniew Brezenski said, “Once it was easier to control a million people than to kill them —–just today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them.” 

And that’s what they (the planners with power,) would like to execute.

Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech in 1961, warned the world of the Political, Military, Industrial Complex. He didn’t say political but he had so many colleagues in the political circles that make decisions. The “we” is this Council of foreign affairs, the Bilderberg Group, these secret councils.

I couldn’t begin to say who’s doing what in regard to this New World Order as they call it. “We” don’t know them so well, but as a society,” they know us”

All Things Chinese
A group of self-claimed global elites is running the world in shadow. I agree with you, it’s “they” not “we”.

On the international level, humanity is yet to be civilised as world politics are still ruled by jungle laws.

Agree, it’s “they” not “we”, I will be more careful to choose the word next time. 

You are welcome to share your thoughts here