Eating organic and fresh is an important Taoist practice. This spiced nuts recipe is selected from 100 Taoist vegetable dishes recommended by the vice president of China Taoist Association.

Dry Mushroom and Spiced Nuts Salad


(1) lebanese cucumber 2, cut into long pieces, with leftover cut into bite sized squares;

(2) cherry tomatoes 10, cut in two, with leftover cut into small wedges;

(3) dry mushrooms 3, soak in water until soft and cut into pieces;

(4) a certain amount of fresh corn kernels;

(5) a certain amount of raw peanuts;

(6) a few fine ginger strips;

(7) mix cornstarch with cold water.


(1) arrange cucumber pieces in a ring along the edge of a plate, and arrange tomatoes face-down along the cucumber ring;

(2) slow stir-fry peanuts and mushroom til well done, remove and keep aside;

(3) quick stir-fry ginger strips in hot oil til golden brown;

(4) add corn kernels, stir-fry, then add a little water, cook about two minutes;

(5) add mushroom, peanuts, cucumber squares and tomato wedges, top the mixture;

(6) add salt, and a bit of sugar, to taste;

(7) add cornstarch and mix well;

(8) place the stir-fry mixture in the plate inside the cucumber and tomato rings.

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