Mushroom Bowls


(1) several dry mushrooms, soak in fresh water until soft, remove the stem and slice a cross on the back of each mushroom

(2) tofu

(3) chives (prefer yellow chives), cut a few into long strip with the rest into fine little rolls

(4) red capsicum, cut into bite sized squares

(5) coriander, chop into small bits

(6) ginger, cut into tiny strips

(7) pepper


(1) cook tofu in boiling water for a minute, remove from the wok, after getting dried and cooling down, pound it into paste, add cornstarch and salt;

(2) quick stir-fry ginger strips in hot oil til golden brown, add capsicum and fine-cut chives, top and mix well before adding salt and a bit sugar to taste, remove from the wok and place aside;

(3) bring water to boil in the wok, add mushroom, salt and a few drops of oil, cook for 2 more minutes, then remove from the wok;

(4) arrange mushrooms in a plate, face up, paste each with cornstarch, then place tofu on the top before adding other cooked ingredients on the tofu;

(5) heat a bit oil in the wok, quick stir-fry ginger strips until golden brown, then add a small amount of water and bring to boil;

(6) add long-strip chives, salt and pepper and mix well with ginger, bring to boil again;

(7) pour boiling mixture on the top of each mushroom; (8) sprinkle with coriander bits.

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