A Tiger with Long Covid?

One of the stamps commemorating the tiger year 2022, issued by China Post

Oh no, it’s not the eye of the tiger,
It’s not the thrill of the fighter.
Will she rise up to the challenge of her rival?
Will she be the one to win survival?

Attributes of Tiger in Fengshui

Five Agents: Wood in Jungle
Colour: White
Location: West

The Dangerous Beasts from the Jungle World

A hungry & angry tiger charging down from the top of the hill

Chinese traditionally view tigers as the king of the forest, i.e. the superpower in the jungle.

Paper tiger? So out of date. A Chinese man in Hebei province created a tiger with frozen water (snow) by walking around on the rooftop.

Water tigers are presumably more vulnerable than paper tigers. They would melt when the sun rises in the east.

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