Chinese Organizations Funded by NED

It is reported by Chinese media Liaowang Weekly that Hong Kong protesters are getting paid $700 per day just to show up. Violent actions and recruiting others get big money — up to $7000. NED openly admits on its website that it funds anti-China groups in Hong Kong   (Source: @CaliCali200) The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a U.S. non-profit soft power organization with […]

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Daxing International Airport – the Biggest Airport in the World

Beijing Capital Airport was opened in 1958 and by now it is the world’s second-busiest behind Atlanta in the US, thus the second Beijing airport has been built in Daxing to take the pressure off the overcrowded existing international terminal in southern Beijing. The new Daxing International Airport is situated 46km south of the city centre in the historically backward […]

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Ancient Water Town Qiandeng in Kunshan

Ancient water town Qiandeng (千灯) is located in Suzhou’s Kunshan, where Kunqu, the mother of all Chinese operas, was originated. The waterfront of most Chinese towns are traditionally allocated as public space. In Qiandeng, an eleborated pavilion is also erected in the form of a boat, which can be used for Kungqu opera performance. The main shopping street of Qiandeng […]

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