Life In China During Wuhan LockDown

In rural areas of Hubei and Henan provinces, villagers blocked the roads between villages in an attempt to stop the spread of the super infectious coronavirus.


Jan 27, 2020

Coronavirus can not pass the pile of manure. Thake that you bad virus. I hear that there are some cities under quarantine in China.

I just watch a video yesterday about a village in Henan where the villagers carved through a cliff so they would not be secluded anymore. Now they block the road, Definitely an unfortunate product of this outbreak.

All Things Chinese
Many cities in Hubei Province are under quarantine, including its capital city Wuhan with 11 million people, which is unprecedented in history.

So far there are nearly 7,000 confirmed cases of infection with over a hundred dead. How many cases are yet to confirm? Some put the current number of infection over a hundred thousand. Well, since it is unconfirmed, no one can say it for sure and no point to blow it up into a doomsday scenario.

However, we may see the worst figures coming in a week or so before the situation begins to turn better. Everyone in the world should keep vigilant.

It’s just the start of the horrible 12-year circle. But whatever happens, it is just the darkest period before the brilliant dawn.

A poor Chinese village in Henan Province under state government assistance decided to do something to help people more in need.

The villagers spent three days digging out scallions from the field with their own hands and collected 50,000 kg of green onions to send to Wuhan, a city under quarantine since January 23.


Proof humans are basically good and will help others. In the grand scheme of things, it is how we all survive.

Paul so true, without a government telling them to do it. That is humanity at its finest.

You know we have some Chinese students crying about racism because a Chinese restaurant in Nova Scotia posted that Chinese students were not allowed to eat in, they offered takeout delivery for one month.

Yet a city in China is quarantined and they don’t cry. They stay home to stop the spread. I don’t get it. Its the decadence of the west, you know gotta stop taking stuff personally. Chinese owners too, so no doubt they have fear of the virus. So now because a student complaining they have closed the restaurant for a month. Cooperation in china, selfishness in the west.

I was having that exact conversation this morning. American (especially north) have to take issue with everything. Can’t just let people live their own lives because someone thinks their way is better.

Yes, I agree.

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This is a quite valid discussion. It is an ongoing social experiment in terms of how to draw a fine line and keep a good balance between centralisation and democracy.

The biggest disruption to the progress is the religious attitudes in politics.

There is a saying that more wars have been started over religion. It is definitely a taboo subject when speaking in a room of strangers.

All Things Chinese
That’s right. Which is why there will be no place for religion and religious attitudes towards politics in the higher civilisation that humanity is about to enter.

In this world, there are many things that deserve our respect but nothing is sacred, because they are just the products of our minds.

Yet the radical left is attempting to turn science into religion. Not as a deity on high but as a noble unarguable fact. I find it scary.

All Things Chinese
Science has already been turned into a religion, and its method is viewed as exclusive and sacred, very much to the advantage of the economic and political corporate establishment that rules the planet at the moment.

That’s true.

Eric the left is much less religious than the right (at least here in the US). It’s God this and God and it’s our God-given right to carry assault rifles.

That disenchantment you have of the left is because of who your leader is just as I’m tainted over the right because of mine. Maybe we can meet halfway. How does Manitoba sound? Or North Dakota?

I can only speak of the USA but I would agree the left queues science while the right ignores it.

All we need is rational debate and a gradual transition. But, everyone, it seems, wants to be right.

We are back in the dark ages. As our friend (All Things Chinese) has told us there will be a day of enlightenment. We just have to be patient.

All Things Chinese
We can make sure we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel by entertaining the desirable thoughts only since each thought will be sent out and spread in the universe.

In my case, I would be very selective in terms of which link to click on when online and keep away from the information and opinions that might lead to an undesirable result.

For instance, I will not read or watch FOX, SKY, CNN, and VOA and virtually anything from Taiwan.


Now that’s a community in action. Bravo!! Humanity in action and not rhetoric.

My first thought though. Chinese Hells Angles chapter. 😅😅🤣

All Things Chinese
There are nice Chinese (such as villagers in Henan and Yunnan) and there are nasty Chinese (such as folks in charge of the Wuhan Red Cross), just like the people in every country in the world.

There are nice aspects and there are nasty traits in every person, which is why humans are humans, not devils or angels.

But a responsible government and media environment can help bring out the positive sides (such as the community spirit) from the general public, while an irresponsible government (such as the US commerce department) and media outlets push selfishness even anti-social temperament to the surface.

Elsewhere in China

A Train Station in the World’s Biggest Small Goods Market

A train station exit in Chines city Yiwu in Zhejiang Province during the current coronavirus epidemic.

Yiwu, a county-level city with 1.2 million residents, is known as the world’s small commodity production and trade centre. Most American flags are made in Yiwu.

Zhejiang is the province most severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak after Hubie, as Wenzhou in Zhejiang has more confirmed infection cases than any other city in China after Wuhan in Hubei.

Shanghai Airpot

Welcome to the land of aliens.

Staff working behind the customs and immigration counters at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

A Lonely Wedding Just for Two … and Their Parents

A traditional-style Chinese wedding with face masks in Qingdao, Shandong Province, attended by the parents of the groom and the bride only, at a time when China is under the coronavirus threat.

A Emei-Sect Kungfu Girl Gabbige Disposal Trip

After weeks spent most of the time staying indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak, a girl in Sichuan deiced to use the opportunity of dumping garbage downstairs to resume her kong fu training in the open space.

This young kung fu master used garbage dumping opportunities to do sword training outdoors during the current coronavirus crisis time is a 22-year-old university student named Ling Yun.

Swordswoman Ling Yun who used garbage dumping opportunity to do sword exercise outdoors during the current coronavirus crisis time began her martial arts training at the age of four and has been accepted as the Emei Kung Fu sect since 10.

Emei is one of the four major Chinese kung fu schools, along with Wudang from Hubei, Shaolin from Henan and Kongtong from the northwest.

Among the four, Emei kung fu, especially sword kung fu, is more feminine-oriented, delicate and graceful.

Towards A Nationwide Recovery

Chinese peasants in Hubei Province collect spring tea.

Hubei Province, where Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in China, is its capital city, has reported zero new case in recent days.

As spring arrives, farmers in rural Hubei walk out of their homes to work in the field.


Spring is in the air and the sun is warming the land and killing the virus.

Let us hope that is so, Paul. Were there cases in the rural areas also?

Not that I know of. However, there were a couple people out sick this week in my group. I think there will be a lot of cases that go unnoticed too.

All Things Chinese
The news from America and Canada is not so encouraging.

However, if the temperature of the weather indeed plays a crucial role, then

1) I would question the judgment of the captains of both “Princess” cruise ships. Why didn’t they sail the ships towards the equator but go ashore in Japan and America?

2) Here Downunder will face a tragic time ahead. 😥


April 6, 2020

kw miller stan account  
China is definitely lying about their numbers tho

All Things Chinese
Unless you test everyone, no figure can be accurate.

But making a lie is a deliberate action.

When you accuse someone of lying, you are the one to present the evidence. Where is your evidence?

I will not accuse any country of lying about its number, not even the US, although many believe the real figure there could be 10 to 20 times higher.

America did have lied about the true cause of many flu deaths since last Sep but I don’t think they still try to cover it up now.

Precisely because the Trump-Pompeo admin lied about the true cause of 16,000 “flu” deaths since Sep last year at least, COVID-19 has a chance to be brought to China in Oct, noticed in Dec, became endemic in Jan and now spread worldwide.

Many Western leaders were poorly prepared for covid19 months after the outbreak in China, which is the true reason for the high death toll in the West.

Why they failed their job? Because as they said they were told it’s the virus that mainly infects Asians.

Who told them?

Who told them the virus mainly infects Asians? How do they know the virus’s racial preference?

Trump said nobody knows about coronavirus better than me.

Was he bluffing as he habitually does or he really knows something?

Unfortunately, the virus mutated.

kw miller stan account  
We can assume they are, logically, for a few reasons.

1.) Population density- the virus has higher death tolls is denser areas. China is an incredibly dense population center.

2.) China has a history of local officials lying about bad things to refrain from punishment.

3.) China benefits from skewing their actual numbers because it makes them seem less culpable.

4.) They had no time to prepare since this is where the virus started.

All Things Chinese
I ask for evidence and you give me your assumptions. That’s not good enough, mate.

1) If density alone determines the infection rate, then Singapore and Japan should all be COVID-19’s epicentres.

2) Generalization is a bad habit that often leads to extremism. Yes, Wuhan local government tried to cover up initially but it was quickly discovered by the central government since the communication between the locals & centre does not rely on a single channel. I’ve been following the whole event since January so I’ve noticed that.

As soon as the central gov learned the true situation, it took the matter into its own hands. The old local officials were dismissed and new officials were appointed. At this stage, there is no point for anyone to “lie about the bad things”.

3) In fact, China will benefit from deliberately inflating the actual numbers because it will make its success in getting the epidemic under control within mere 2 months look even more impressive, given it is the first country to fight against this new virus, unlike the US and unlike the US and other nations who can borrow China’s experience.

4) You are right, they had no time to prepare, yet you are wrong as this is not because it is where the virus first started but the new virus first publically identified. 

The virus first started in the US last August, no later than September, but all under different names.

You seem to be a man so intrigued by the number coverups, but you’re looking in the wrong direction. I can give you a better clue: go check what the Trump-Pompeo administration has said and has done in the whole event since late last year from EVALI, flu to COVID-19.

You are welcome to share your thoughts here