The USA and The Soviet Union


How is the u.s any similar in fact china is more similar to the soviet union than USA

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The seeds of the corporate & militant US empire’s collapse were sown at the time when it seduced the Soviet Union to commit suicide. Clinton era’s glory was just the terminal lucidity. Since last year, it’s struggling for survival on its deathbed.

China never initiates attacks on the US empire, politically, economically or militarily, so the bounce-back karmic effects will not affect China.

The USA and China

So when did u.s ever attack china they literally defended china in the battle of peking and defeated japan during ww2 you clearly hate the u.s for no reason.

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Years before WWII in 1937, Japan invaded and occupied nearly the entire Chinese territory, and its main weapon supplier was the USA. America’s military aid to Japan only ended after the Pearl Harbour attack towards the very late stage of WWII.

After the war, Japanese war criminals from the 731 Bio Warfare Unit escaped the prosecution with Washington’s help and went to America to work at Fort Detrick military lab in Maryland, assisting the new empire to advance its own bioweapon capability.

China and Its Taiwan

China is threatening taiwan thats an attack

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The biggest threat to China’s Taiwan province is China’s various levels of Taiwan Affairs Offices that have prompted politicians and people in Taiwan to extort political and financial benefits from the mainland on the behalf of the USA.

If the Chinese government consults me, I would urge them to dismiss all Taiwan Affairs Offices, leaving only one run by the military force.

That is because a) most folks on that island are poisoned by a culture of concubine & eunuch and cannot be reasoned by words or moved by deeds but only know how to take advantage of others; b) they are utterly inconsequential in the whole game; 3) they are accustomed to stand by whoever that they consider as the most powerful at the time.

Since Taiwan has willingly turned itself into the US empire’s largest and permanent aircraft carrier with the objective to deter China’s renaissance, which will effectively obstruct the emergence of a better civilization, it deserves to be swept away by history.

Honestly, I feel quite sick whenever I hear Chinese authorities address the folks from Taiwan as “同胞” (blood siblings). Is ethnicity so important when they clearly know those people viciously sabotaging China’s progress and smearing Chinese civilization?

As the Chinese government tries hard to promote a novel concept that regards one mankind as one family (人类命运共同体), why do they keep emphasizing the blood bond?

All men and women, who respect other people as human beings with the right to live and to live a better life as much as they do, are brothers and sisters in the human family.

And all those, who believe they are chosen and they are above others and they should come first and they can enslave others, are the enemies of mankind.

USA’s Obsession With China

Why are Chinese literally obsessed with the u.s your whole page is about bashing the u.s i swear yall to this day seek western validation?

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I haven’t seen China being obsessed with the USA. Quite the contrary, I found the US corporate ruling group just can’t get over with China.

Sure, quite a few Chinese are rather obsessed with all things America, some of them from the mainland, many from Hong Kong and most from Taiwan island. There are trashes in every nation, every country and every community.

When Chinese civilization grew into maturity 2,500 years ago with Confucius writing The Analects articulating the advanced civil society, Lao Tseu penning Tao Te Ching explaining the relationships between people and nature, and Sun Tseu produced Art of War formulating principles and strategies of military affairs, west Europe including the UK were yet to be civilized by Romans while the USA was still like dust scattered somewhere deep in the universe. It’s laughable for you to fancy that China would need the US or the West to validate anything.

This account is about ALL THINGS CHINESE, including the news about and related to China, as so pronounced in the profile introduction, naturally, there will be many posts talking about America’s ruling elites and their allies since they are so obsessed with China and becomes my leading character’s main antagonists.

USA’s Obsession with Wars

1. US IS NOT AN EMPIRE 2.the soviet union didnt collapse because of the u.s you clearly dont know history 3.what do you mean u.s is on its death bed it has the strongest economy it ever had and strongest millitary u.s grew 1.1% while china grew 0.6% china is slowing down

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The US of course is an EMPIRE with military bases and bioweapon labs all over the world. Since it was born in 1776, it has merely 19 years of peace with 225 at war out of 244 years of history.

Since Its Birth, The USA Has Only Had 17 Years of Peace

The US Has Been at war 225 out of 243 years since 1776

Soviet Union’s collapse has nothing to do with the USA? I don’t think Washington and the CIA will be happy with your conclusion.

Despite a calamitous start to the year, China was the ONLY major economy to register growth in 2020 at 2.3%, while all other major economies had negative growth with the USA at -3.51%. China’s economy grows by 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021.

However, what is going to end is American EMPIRE not America as a country. As for whether it will end up as a united state or a group of divided states, it still remains to be seen so far. If you belong to the majority in the US, not 1 or 2 percent of ruling elites who suck other people’s blood at home and all over the world, you have nothing to fear.

Unlike China, which is a nation organically grown over thousands of years with a  sophisticated civilization and a strong collective spirit, the USA right now is an empire mechanically assembled from the individuals nourished by a culture that promotes selfishness and greed.

The new china didnt grow organically at all idk what your on the only reason china grew is that it opened its border to the outside and offered cheap labor the ccp have done nothing for china the chinese people did

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What I said is the thousands-year-old Chinese nation with a common culture is organically grown and bund together.

After centuries of decline under Manchus and KMT, since 1949 China started to revive, due to the CCP’s strong leadership, the land reform and the People’s Commune system, the literary movement that lifts China’s literacy rate from 10% to 90%, and women’s equal rights movement which freed half of China’s labour force, as well as the inherited culture of hardworking. All these have contributed to China’s miraculous growth in recent decades.

There are plenty of developing countries with much cheaper labour costs. Why the miracle hasn’t happened there?

The Fall of an Empire and the Rise of a New Civilization

I dont know if your serious or joking u.s is literally the most influential country theyre not gonna end as an empire because they never was one plus china also have wealthy elites that take all the wealth and fled to other countries like the u.s and australia

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Oh, now you also think America is an empire?

Chinese civilization has at least 5,000 years of history and the latest archaeological evidence further stretches it back another 2,000 years, while America as a country was built through bloody carnages on other people’s land just less than 250 years ago.

China has gone through at least 20, most likely 30, even 40 to 50, of the 250-year circle.

Many Chinese believe the world is at a turning point that occurs only once in a hundred years. But this is not true. A once-in-a-century event has little historical significance.

Based on long Chinese history and the conclusions drawn by ancient Chinese intellectuals, the basic time unit for the change of the historical trend would be 250 years, while the upgrade (or downgrade) of civilization usually takes place every 2,500 years.

We are not facing a change once in a century, but once in 2,500 years, and the reference could be found in various Chinese Daoist documents compiled during the last historical turning point.

The current president of the United States and the second-last emperor of the Manchu dynasty. Some history observers found that the average lifespan for an era is 250 years.

Despite US politicians & corporate media preaching democracy, freedom & human right, they don’t believe in them themselves because they practice exactly the opposite.

They behave like true dictators, refusing to allow other nations to choose their own leaders and decide their own system if they do not appear to satisfy Washington’s demands.

They act like worst tyrants, spying on the world, hunting down whistleblowers and kidnapping business competitors.

They do not respect human lives, let alone human rights, as they willfully air striking, invading and occupying other people’s land, killing civilians, abusing POWs and launching bio and chemical attacks aboard and at home.

Democracy, freedom and human rights are just their new religious doctrine which is used by these hypocrites as a convenient tool to discipline others and to obtain profits for themselves.

Not really the u.s isnt an autocracy like china

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Chinese people trust their government much more than the American people do their government. For one thing, despite strong opposition at home, the Bush govt went to war with Iraq regardless.

America may not be the most free country but its 1000 times free’er than china. 

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Yes, I have no doubt about that, for the 1 to 2 percent corporate ruling elites. But for the majority of people in the US, your right to breathe freely can be deprived 1,000 times more, your right to die freely from covid19 is 1,000 times more.

I thought this empire’s demise would take place in the 2030s, but now the process clearly has been accelerated. Although we don’t know which will come first, death or tomorrow, I’m a bit confident we should all have a chance to bear witness as it’s most likely to occur in the 2020s.

Bruh i know you aint talking about dictators
Xi jinping is literally openly a dictator and proud and plus no presidents in the u.s arent dictators because they dont have much power

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US presidents don’t have much power? I don’t think they will agree with you. At least Trump won’t.

Whether a leader is a dictator is not determined by how much power he has but by whom he serves – a small interest group he belongs to or the majority of people in the nation.

Trump doesnt have power the u.s has 3 federal branches the control each other the president has little power and he cant do whatever he wants unless the other 2 branches approve

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That’s beside the point. I’ve already answered your question.

Answered nothing because you clearly know nothing about how the u.s govt works like at all i studied it for years stop watching bullshit propaganda and actually do research

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My perception of the corporate US government is not important, and your perception of my perception is even less consequential. As I said, we will all see how it turns out in the real world, and before long.

I know you didnt just say that……the incident that happened in china led to the deaths of 10 thousands students

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Stop spreading lies and start to learn how to respect the facts. Otherwise, you are sure to bring bad karma for yourself as you are insulting the real victims of the incident.

Armed Chinese mobs financially supported by Soros and the CIA attacked, killed and burned unarmed Chinese soldiers in 1989 in Washington’s failed colour revolution, the mother of all late colour revolutions.

DO you have any proof they were supported by the CIA yall literally say”there is no proof concentration camps and Tiananmen massacre happened” but then say shit like this

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The students on the square didn’t know but you know, right? I wonder who is speaking shit.

Here are some links to the pages with eyewitness accounts.

Huawei and China Development

That the point of the huawei ban ….its abou5 geopolitics the fact that china banned hundreds of apps and websites its fine for western countries to ban huawei and most developed countries have spies including china

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Are you indeed so ignorant and so innocent like a newborn baby who knows nothing about Washington’s spy network in the world? Search online and read some stories about Edward Snowdon, about German Chancellor Angela Merkel, about the treacherous Danmark government.

It may help you understand why Washington wants to ban Huawei 5G.

Literally every country spies

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But Washington and the CIA play the victims while being caught redhanded and trying to force the world to ban Huawei instead. He who does evil things to others is bad enough but what makes him a true evil is when he denies the nasty things he did to others.

Lol how much companies did china banned

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I think China should sanction more companies, particularly those from Five Eyes and Taiwan province with business links to the politicians, researchers and media guys who deliberately fabricate and spread anti-China lies which hurt Chinese interests.

Well now the u.s has the best millitary tech while china is busy copying

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Five conditions for war plan from Art of War:

Universal condition: justification of the mission;
Celestial condition: timing;
Terrestrial condition: location;
Human condition: leadership;
Technic condition: weapons.

Weapons alone won’t help win a war, otherwise, the Pentagon would not make such a  mess in Korea, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Will Washington has the stomach to initiate a war with Russia? I don’t think so. It even dares not to start a war with Iran. Let alone with China.

1.america isnt an empire
2.america isnt falling infact it grew more than china economically this year stop listening to ccp propaganda

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There is no point to argue this. You will witness it in a few years’ time for yourself if you don’t bow out of life so soon.

Witness what?

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How the US empire draws its last breath.

A quote from Zhuangzi (369 BC-286 BC), a Chinese philosopher:

Don’t talk to frogs living in a small well about the sea since they are confined in space;
Don’t talk to insects spending their entire life in summer about the ice as they are limited by time.

Summer force from heaven declares a war on evil,
A thousand-mile-long rod to tie the man-eating eagle.

The Internationale unites the workers in the world,
To liberate the human race from the rule of capital.

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