When Tibetan lamas speak of love, compassion and tolerance, the dark history of Tibet and the cruel nature of Lamaism scream aloud in the background that anyone with an objective ear can hear clearly.

A Tibetan Lama ritual horn made of a human leg bone

The image shown in the picture is a horn vessel made of a human-leg-bone, used by Tibetan lamas to attempt black magic against their enemies.

The leg-bones usually came from three kinds of people: a 16-year-old girl, a pregnant woman or a soldier who died on the battlefield. Allegedly these people would feel more bitter than anyone else when being killed thus create the most poisonous lethal energy.

A Tibetan Lama using a human-bone horn to play black magic against his political or religious enemy.

During Lamaist rituals, the human bone horn empowered by the curses is said to be able to incur the death of those who are denounced by lamas.

By essence, Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism) is a blood-thirsty cult, and some of its Disciplinary Precepts even require the followers to execute killing, not just of animals, but people.

In a secret commandment named Twenty Five Disciplinary Precepts (二十五支分三昧耶戒), there is one particular article called “Practice of Slay” (杀所行戒), which demands the lama practitioners kill certain groups of people or they themselves will be condemned to death for breaching the vital precept.

The following is a list of the people who, according to the Lamaist law, must be killed without mercy:

(1) Those who oppose Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism);
(2) Those who censure Tibetan lamas;
(3) Those who breach Tibetan Buddhist (Lamaist) precepts,
(4) Those who do not believe in Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism),
(5) Those who gain access to high-level Tibetan Buddhist (Lamaist) practice without permission;
(6) Those who oppose the Tibetan government;
(7) Those who interrupt lama’s meditation;
(8) Those who are fated to be reborn as animals in the next life;
(9) Those who are fated to be reborn as hungry ghosts;
(10) Those who are fated to go to hell.


Okay wait, why do you have to kill someone to be enlightened? I think I am missing something here? 🤔

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To get enlightened through their practice is like cooking rice with sand.

If you are familiar with Lamaism text, you’ll realize their definition of enlightenment is not of being their own masters but of being the masters of others.

Sounds like a good group to stay away from.


Sep 22, 2020

Stephen Walker
Pretty lame piece of propaganda.

All Things Chinese
For the ardent believers of Lamaism, yes. But I have no intention to wake up the die-hard cult followers to the cruel reality through persuasion or propaganda. I merely present the facts for sane people and beyond to see and to judge for themselves.

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  1. This article is bullshit Chinese propaganda, ‘viewofthechinese’ cmon no one in there right sense would beleive this garbage

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