A man reported to the police, “Some terrorists threaten to throw me out of the house.”

“That’s terrible,” said the cop. “Why do they want to throw you out of the house, sir?”

“They say that’s their house and do not want me to stay there.”

“Fair enough. How did you get there in the first place?” inquired the cop.

“I broke in by kicking open the door.”

“You’ve broken the law, sir,” the cop warned.

“I’m from the free world, I’m free to do whatever I want,” the man disputed.

“Well…” the cop became a bit uncertain and confused. “But, why can’t you just stay at your own home but have to break into other people’s houses?”

“I want to hold up justice by preventing the father from abusing his son with his homemade WMD.”

“So you’ve found the WMD?”

“Nope, no weapons over there, only a bag of washing powder.”

“But you have saved the son?”

“I’ve killed both the father and the son, just to make sure the father would never be able to impose authoritarian rule over his son, and the son’s human rights will never be taken away by anyone else.”

A large group of Iraqi women outside of one of the concentration camps set up in Iraq, demanded the US troops release their men. 
2 thought on “A Man of Justice”
    1. Hello dear Paul (soxfan), yep, you are right, it’s not a true story but a joke or analogy that reflects the essence of true events.

      At this point of human history, justice has been lost in the mainstream media and the dominant political circles. There are guys out there using language to twist people’s brains to make them unable to distinguish right from wrong, and a great number of journalists, editors and writers are among the most dummy folks of all, both in the West and in China.

      Human rights can never be separated from social obligations unless someone lives by himself on an isolated island. By the same token, democracy can never be disassociated from centralisation, otherwise, human society will not be able to sustain its relevance to the individuals.

      As for freedom, it’s a laughable notion for humans. Are you free to rob a bank, to love your neighbour’s wife, to kill someone you don’t like? People are not even free to stop thinking the things they don’t want to think, let alone being free from the need for food and shelter, and being free from illness and death. Yet they dare to think they are “free man” and live in a “free world” – they fool themselves and fool each other, they poison the culture and tear the civilisation apart.

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